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Is the Choate/Peterson 44 in the advert the old "Roller Coaster" of the Gollison family?  If so, it has a different rig than the original.  The 44's I recall were Illusion, Glory and Roller Coaster.  If memory is right, ZigZag and the Hi Roler which became Jetstream were different Petersons 44's both built by Eichenlaub with aluminum hulls and plywood decks.  Of the Choate/Peterson 42's there is/was also a black one which was Ya Turko at one time.  Last seen in downtown LB marina.  The Electra I remember was a blue N/M boat built in NZ.  Travieso was a different N/M design most likely built by Terry Koch's OB Boatworks.  Interesting times in the 1980's when custom/semi custom boats didn't cost a whole lot more than production boats...
he sure has built some of your best work. geat combo you 2 make.



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I'm pretty sure Glory was a 42 (I think I have a copy of their IOR certificate around here somewhere).

And, yeah, there were a couple of Ya Turkos.... IIRC the first one was ex-Hurricane Deck (Morrie Kirk's Peterson-40) and the second was a Choate/Peterson 42.  Not sure if George was the original owner or if it had history before him.  I've heard that, at some point, the 42 was called Sequoyah (Jim Moore of BYC)

And just to really stir things up, I think there were two Electras: a Choate/Peterson 44 (~1982), and a NM 40 (~1985).  

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I could be mistaken but I believe this was George Antars YaTurko. You'll have to check the headliner for bloodstains to be sure.


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Hmmm, now that you mention it... Travieso was a NM 44, not a Peterson 44.  At least that's how they're listed in the 1981 Transpac program.

I have in my head that Electra, Roller Coaster, Jet Stream, Illusion and ZigZag were all Choate-built Peterson 44s.  You're probably right about Travieso. 

And to @some dude's question, the only 42s I remember are Geronimo, Medicine Man, Glory and Mini Xpress.  there were probably others, but...

Dunno.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 80s so the memories tend to be a bit fuzzy.
Travieso was definitely NM. And yes, Zig Zag was aluminum (think a 46?).  At one point it featured a blow up doll at the top of the mast while parked on Transpac Row. Details are fuzzy.  Think Illusion was a Kaufman?  Choate 40 big sister.



Delivered a K-38 named Ya Turko from Newport to S.F. in the late 60s. Raced on it a bit in S.F. - did one Big Boat.

Wild ride around Conception in about 40 kts.



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A Choate boat is a primary US school  boat.
The word "school" is Dutch, it's demanding.

Which is silly: a lot of boats are well educated/university driven.
We have a harbor full of them. Scheveningen. Scheveningen Haven.jpg


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There were a handful of Choate/Peterson 48's built.  Amante, Brisa and Annabelle Lee ??? 

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1982 flush decked 40.  Really well-built boat, made my current Schock boat look like it's made from cardboard derivatives.  Also probably the best racer/cruiser cockpit design ever.


Sure loved those Peterson cockpit designs! Especially since the boats tended to be wide amidships and pointy ends.  

Cannibal has this unique high center cockpit layout with 12 winches.  Lots to grab if going overboard...but BYO winch grease!  

Cockpit winch upgrade July 2021.jpg


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