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Who built Warren Hancock's Alita and why couldn't anybody make her go?

She totally disappeared after someone had the rig moved without consulting a naval architect and the boat... broke.



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A Choate boat is a primary US school  boat.
The word "school" is Dutch, it's demanding.

Which is silly: a lot of boats are well educated/university driven.
We have a harbor full of them. Scheveningen. View attachment 508344

Whatever you are talking about from your country has no relevance to this thread. Choate is a builder in Long Beach. 



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I worked for Choate from 79-85. I don't remember the boat in the original post, although I started working there in June after graduating from highschool.

I have some stories...maybe I will share some in the days to come.

One thing I did want to mention now is this- if you want a really well constructed boat, look for a lsiting of one of Dennis's personal boats. When I worked there Dennis would tour the shop in the morning to instruct you what to do that day, and then made a second tour in the evening to see what you had accomplished. When he built his own boat (I was there when Brisa was built) he pretty much sat in the boat the whole day, every day, making sure every detail was done just right. I can't imagine a more perfectly constructed boat.


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Raced a Choate/Kaufman 40 (Super Splurge) a fair amount in 1980-1982, including two Newport- Bermuda races. The boat fell over in the yard during the winter with the rig in, and cracked from the sheerline to the centerline. Rig came down, too.

The yard put it back together, the boat got a new triple-spreader rig, and we raced it to Bermuda again, but I never quite trusted it after the damage.

I had two boats fall over in the same boatyard, come to think of it, although about a decade apart: this 40-footer, and a 61' PJ-built McCurdy & Rhodes. Both suffered major hull damage, and both rigs came down. Neither boat was quite the same after the accidents.


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Have to include the epic Andrews 56 Medicine Man. First boat to beat the 20 year Transpacific record, if only to become a footnote in Transpac lore. Arguably one of the most modified Choate built boats. Started as a conventional tiller steered mast head boat. So well balanced and a delight to helm. In ‘99 modded with water ballast a SC70 rig with mast head kites and huge penalty pole, quite the handful to steer and interesting to gybe. Then stretched ultimately to 63’ with twin wheels.




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I had the first CF27 to hit the water. Midnight Special. Now Midnight Express on a trailer at South Western Yacht Club the last time I was there. That was a fun boat to sail.


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No. Previous to DC calling it 'Menace' it was named 'Perspicacious'. Don't know if there was a different name before that.


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There was a CF-33 called "stargazer" in Newport Beach. Not sure if it was a one-off, or a planned series that never took off, but it was a rocket in the NB light air coastal stuff.

Always wondered where it went. Great little boat. Plus, the owner's daughter was really cute...

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DC's CF 27 was another one. I have a friend from SWYC who sailed on both my old boat and DC's CF27. To my knowledge my boat has only had two names. Midnight Special and Midnight Express. The CF27's were rocket ships in light air upwind.


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DC's CF 27 was another one. I have a friend from SWYC who sailed on both my old boat and DC's CF27. To my knowledge my boat has only had two names. Midnight Special and Midnight Express. The CF27's were rocket ships in light air upwind.
Do you remember a CF 27 owned by Brad and Linda Elander? I can’t recall the boat name but she did a fair bit of damage in the IOR C Fleet back in the 80s. Nice little boat.

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CF-33? Got to include the infamous Hot Rum. IIRC under the same ownership since new! My favourite image is with Hitchhiker leading to the bottom mark in a PHRF season championships regatta.

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There was "Ghost and Bacchanal" in del rey. Bacchanals stern was more like Hot Rums. Ghost was more pinched but wider from the original design from what memory serves was quicker in lighter air when sailed properly. Or it just could've been when the Herschaft and Worthington brothers were on it!

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