Christine McVie - RIP


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That ruined the day. So many great memories of Rumors and Tusk. Thank you Christine.
Tusk is a really underrated album. I saw them on that tour in the fall of '79, at the Forum, with the USC Marching band doing Tusk. Easily one of the top five concert moments of my life. Stevie got your attention, Christine kept it. Mesmerizing voice.


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Back in the 80s, Fleetwood Mac was the 2nd band to play at the Centrium when it opened in Worcester Mass (The chairman of the board opened the joint the night before).

Stevie Nicks was coked out of her head and just causing issues. They physically tossed her off the stage during the 2nd set.
Christine and Lindsay Buckingham then stepped up and righted a totally fucked show.
The crowd went from not amused to multiple standing ovations.
She was a true professional.

Side note: When Frank was belting out New York, New York, you could have any libation you wanted. For FM, no alcohol was allowed. Funny as the crowd was in their 30s.


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Got to see them

along with 43,000 others ,

Good Times :)