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The fact he took the stupid motor shows just how absurdly unprepared and magical thinking he was.
No need for a motor! 9 foot boat. What range could he get? 50 miles? Oars make more sense.

While I do agree taking the motor along was stupid. Your link to father's day shows that guy took a motor along. My guess is he's worried about getting into harbor in Honolulu (if that was the destination).

I have never understood the fascination/allure/fixation with tiny boat crossings. Eventually some mook is going to strap a pair of pool floaties to his (her? although it seems to usually be a guy) arms and hold up a scrap of cloth for a sail and take a stab at it.



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SF Bay
It seems he is towing it back now. Even on the road it seems slow 5.7 knots.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 9.07.22 PM.png


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My GF says it looks like a kiddy-ride at an amusement park

We need a new rating rule:


$*enviro damage*size*maintenance


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Dublin, Ireland

Only made about 4 miles north and about 30 miles East in the past 24 hours. The California current which flows from north to south does not allow me to make much north progress. I am considering heading to Monterrey Bay and finding a marina or boatyard that can lift the boat out of the water and put it on a boat mover truck to bring back to Berkeley Marine Center. I am about 90 miles from Monterrey so that will take at least 3 days if the winds remain. The winds currently are going light, so it might take longer to get to Monterrey Bay. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the places that can lift the boat there or the facilities in Monterrey Bay. <br><br>Jim, if you are reading this blog, please find a place where I can go in Monterrey bay that can lift the boat and put it on a trailer. Does Santa Cruz have a marina and/ or boatyard that would work? Also, can a boat moving company carry a boat this small on their trailers? I will call you in a few days after I get cell phone reception. <br><br>The boat has a small leak-- about a gallon every couple hours . I think it is coming from  the outboard bracket bolts that might be working loose from the broken bracket and waves. I have tried to seal that area, but it is not working and I can manage the leak by bailing.
Couldn’t he just wrap it in brown paper and post it?



Not unlike @FishFood before him. Once barely making it around Pt. Conception on a calm day is proof of seaworthy craft and crew.
Point Conception was actually one of the nastier parts of my trip. Threw up around 30 times and had 8ft x 8sec seas, 15knts. Pretty pussy in the scope of things but was quite intense for a lone newbie. Plus, my boat is likely floating after numerous months adrift. Talk about craftsmanship!