CNN - Is there any hope?


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BBC & NPR aren't 24 hour news channels.

Back when CNN went live and announced they would do news coverage 24/7, there was no shortage of predictions CNN would die a quick death. And common sense supports that. Who wants to watch news 24/7?

But the other problem is the cost of digging for the truth. True investigative reporters, once the life blood of newspapers across the country, are hard to find now because so many "news" agencies are perfectly happy to feed garbage to the masses. It's cheaper and more profitable that getting to the truth.
BBC is a 24hr news channel in our house. It does repeat probably every 8 hrs, but even though we live in the US, we watch BBC for news as we feel they give it to us straight.


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It is never boring.
You have obviously never sailed around here. It can be like this for days.


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