Come of death!

Well here we go again! Right smack dab in the middle of the cone of death. It was a scant 4 years ago in October that Hurricane Michael smacked the living shit out of us here in Panama City. We, as a community, have yet to fully recover. It was just this year that we finished repairing our home that was mutilated by Michael’s Cat5 winds.
Gonna be a busy couple of days preparing as my brother and sister in-law have a floating store and two boats that need to find safe harbor.
I have been through my fair share of hurricanes and frankly I’m over it!
I will post updates for those you are intereste.


Super Anarchist
A floating store could be trouble to prep for the event. Good luck!

Throw out some more anchors if you have them to spare.
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And good luck to you and yours, BTW. Godspeed. 🤞
Looks like it’s going to veer east some. I have some good friends that live in Crystal River. I offered for them to come here and stay for the storm, then I will head back with them with supplies and chainsaws.
This morning we got my brother in laws floating store off Shell Island and way up a lagoon, it might have been all for nought but better safe then sorry.

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