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Brisk conditions?  It's a lake boat.
I've put the mast in the water on a lake 1.5 miles by 3. Gone from 3kts wind to 65 in -- not joking -- five seconds. The flat-cockpit daysailers pictured are specifically intended for mountain lakes like Garda, Geneva, and Como; and anyone who has sailed on Tahoe, Dillon, or Granby in the US has stories about sudden microbursts from completely random directions, often out of a blue sky. I like nice deep benches you can brace across when the world goes katabatic.


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Yea, I totally get it. I too would enjoy the H boats.  More relaxing.  The sport boats seem like work.
Yeah, you would. At least on the VX1, you would. It's one of the most comfy boats I've ever sailed, of any size.

The only awkward thing on it is going forward past the cheese-cutter shrouds to the gooseneck (actually, to the upper end of the gnav).

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If i want to go fast, gonna stay on a lake, This is what I want to sail.  Get to go fast, pull a waterskier if I so choose and have a party all at the same time.  

Its just been right since 1892




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That is a Vindö 45 (I believe the sail area in sqm is what determined the model name, not length).

Here is a 50, on the road to the winter location, behind a nice old 'Trecker', as Germans say.

Undoubtedly, everyone in the queue behind enjoyed this beautiful look ;)



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I wonder if that's the same boat as "Island Star" now moored in Ma'alea.
That's a Columbia 57.

There was one locally, Lioness, when I had my 43.

They are spectacularly beautiful - that pic doesn't remotely do them justice.

Pretty sure Kris's pic is a custom Col 50 - there were a small handful done in similar fashion.

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