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Work continues on the 52.5" motor sailer. Client will visit several Maine yards next month. This 3D work is by Will Porter. And yes, there will be portlights in the back side of the PH. Will has just not got around to modelling them yet.

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Bob Perry

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It just feels right to me and it's not difficult to build. It's simply a matter of the right foil and thickness ratio and the amount of balance I want considering the proportions of the boat. I don't think a more elliptical shape would have any benefits at all on this boat and as Longy said, I have the draft of the keel restricting my options.
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That is a 4 Hp outboard that mounts under a hatch and is accessible via a small door in the rear wall of the cockpit. This photo is not my Kittiwake but is the only photo I find that shows the rear hatches and access door. The portable fuel tank goes under the starboard hatch

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in the first pic it looks like the thruhull for the out board is just the size of the shaft. i assume that the shaft is always in the water (NTTATWWT) but can you lift the outboard out or do you have to disassemble it to remove it from the boat?

Virgulino Ferreira


This video is something special, from the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. Special attention on the "little ships" of the Dunkirk evacuation, video released today.

Lots of very cool boats, with very cool stories, to admire. Lots of unidentified floating objects, too.

When the narrator called it "anarchy on the water", I knew I had to post it here. :)


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Joe Bark custom SUP, 18 ft long by 26.5” wide. Karl Kruger’s first dip of the paddle in the Arctic Ocean the other day at Tuktoyaktuk, starting point for an attempt on the NWP.

That’s his entire kit on board, enough for three weeks of living without re-supply, not including water (which he can re-supply at from local streams, etc.)
In addition to obvious camping and nav/comms gear, the kit strapped on the board includes a marinized shotgun, and trip wire and blanks rig to set around nightly camp spots to try to scare off polar bears.

Wish him luck on an incredible adventure and follow him here!