Could Just as Easily Have Been a Sailboat


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Just for the record I'm not an Officer on the Star Princess (sorry Johnny!), I've served on there in the past under Captain Perrin who I can attest is a very competent (if highly strung!) Captain. I'm currently a Deck Officer working for Princess Cruises. Below is my initial reply in the Sailing Anarchy forum, apologies for the cut and paste.

Just found this site while I was searching for something job related, I'll add some clarity to what seems to be turning into a slanging match. I am a Deck Officer with Princess Cruises and have sailed on the Star Princess and with Captain Perrin and on numerous other Princess vessels. I can confirm that if there is any possibility of a vessel being in distress we will alter course and investigate. I'll bullet point the rest of my points as this could be rather lengthy otherwise.


1) Fishing boats out at sea are not a rare occurrence, we see them regularly and they often wave as we go past.

2) Depending on the visibility and sea conditions small vessels can be very hard to spot at a distance, anything over 3-4 miles is going to be hard to spot though normally one of the look outs who is scanning with binoculars would point out any vessels to you.

3) Depending on wave height and the material the boat is made small vessels may not show up on radar at a distance, if they are dipping in and out the swell the Radar may remove them from the radar screen automatically.

4) Unless a passenger is on the monkey island,chances are they are looking either from a stateroom balcony or one of the open decks perpendicular to the direction of the vessel. The lookouts and bridge team would be focusing on this area, not what is miles to either side or behind the vessel.


5) If the ship in open waters the Captain is very unlikely to be on the bridge, he may pop up from time to time but he will primarily be involved in Admin work or passenger relations, his primary focusis bringing the ship in and out of port.

6) If a passenger informed a passing crew member that they see someone in distress it should be passed up the chain of command either through a bar supervisor if it was bar staff or the pursers desk who would then phone the bridge.

7) If any report whatsoever of persons in distress or possibly in distress had reached the bridge the captain would have been informed immediately and the ship would have altered course to investigate.I have been on watch when exactly this happened when a "life jacket"was reported in the water than turned out to be a fishing buoy.


To suggest that the Deck Officers would ignorefellow mariners in distress is insulting in the extreme, while the LA office may be full of penny pinching office rats that think in terms of itineraries and dollar cost we who actually navigate these vessels certainly don't.

I've stated on the other forum that while unlikely a communications break down could have prevented this information reaching the Bridge, my point is that if this information reached the bridge it would be reacted on 100% of the time. Hope that clears it up a bit.

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