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That bit I don't get. I routinely delete my call logs and SMS discussion strings. OK there's still going to be data on servers, but not on my phone.

And I don't have anything worth knowing, I just don't like crap accumulating endlessly. I purge my laptop hard drives similarly. If I were doing stuff I shouldn't, NFW it'd be on my personal phone or computers.

So anyone going through my emails and photos is in for a really, really boring time unless they like looking at boat porn.



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Meanwhile, the FBI be like


I heard that four of the FBI technicians tasked with examining Mike Lindell's cell phone have been detained for a 72 hour mental health check.


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Just a reminder because the bullshitters really want everyone not to know this absolute truth:

No law enforcement agency my EVER seize a phone without having a warrant.
No warrant is EVER issued unless a judge is satisfied the phone contains pre-described evidence of a particular crime.
The FBI never has and never will “go grab a bunch of phones and hope to find something criminal they can hang on people they don’t like.

And…. In court, when prosecutors attempt to enter their evidence into the official records, they MUST PROVE the evidence was gathered according to the rules.

In other words, if the FBI just grabbed a bunch of phones and their justification for grabbing those phones is later found to be insufficiently perfect and by the books, ALL THE GATHERED EVIDENCE IS THROWN OUT!!!!

Using pillow guy as an example. If there was no due process to gain permission to seize his phone, whatever was on that phone can NEVER be used against Pillow dude.

However, if there was a proper warrant and if , while looking for the specified evidence, the FBI stumbles across evidence of other illegal activity, those doing the search may report that evidence to the appropriate authorities and additional investigations, and prosecutions could legally follow.

….. that is the “plain site” part of a search where the bag of heroin is sitting on the table but the cops were only searching for pot.
There is a procedure for expanding the search . The officers must play by the official rules

Summary: Lindell’s phone was seized for specific reasons approved by a judge.

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There have been search warrants for grabbing phones, so judges have found that there is probable cause that those phones contain evidence of a crime.

My guess is obstruction. That would explain the sudden switch to in person meetings.