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The Hannity creature gets slapped by Ted Koppel. Nice.

He hits the nail squarely on the head. Spot on. It isn’t just Hannity either, or just Foxy News. That describes mainstream GOP these days, not just rabid bullshitters like JokerDog.


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Anton Lunyk is a Russian ..... And he got a 9 second phone call from the White House on 1/6/21​


Russian-speaking immigrant from New York was arrested for participating in the storming of the Capitol

According to court documents, Lunyk was arrested after a student who attended college with him saw a screenshot of a video of the storming of the Capitol posted on Twitter by the New York Post. This guy also provided law enforcement officers with the suspect's phone number and Instagram account information.

The tweet of the publication was about the white nationalist Tim Gionet, who was streaming the storming of the Capitol; Lunyk could be seen in the background of his recording.

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