Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

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Whew... The show was great! I will catch up with everyone/everything tomorrow...
BUT!!! Have a good close look at that chart she is marking up. Notice anything missing?
Their actual track is not present. But if she had that and compared it to the planned heart track, he might be sleeping on gimbaled yoga stand for the next 832 days.



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I’ll try to keep this short.

I feel bad for jumping down Lithium et. al.’s ass when he first posted his charting skills. I defended him after a brief PM exchange. Then he posted with his utter lack of understanding of loads and I jumped again.

Is he an R.H.?

I doubt it. I think he just has a fragile ego. (Submarine service, though it can certainly be noble, does not qualify one to speak with authority about sailing.) It’s happened on other threads. Some people just lose it defending themselves. Swan is a different issue altogether. Other R.H.s have made infrequent posts also.

I’ll check back in looking for Sailflat’s video but otherwise…there are some good informative threads here so I’ll bow out.



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Sure - I got intrigued with the 1000 day thing when it started - I watched from about a month before it left New York. I've always wanted to make a long cruise, I've always thought I was born 150 years too late since I was supposed to be the master of Flying Cloud or Lightning and I've always loved schooners. I think of them as a kind of coasting clipper. So - I was intrigued. The "collision" was reported and I believed it. I spent a day finding the Sailwx site and a hardware manufacturer who could provide collision avoidance. I thought there should be a way the data from Sailwx could be integrated with Anne's reported position and an alarm could be sent if anything was getting nearby. I sent that info to jesse who said he was glad to get it and referred some other posters to it. Then the stories became stupid and I worried about Soanya - a complete neophyte who, I concluded, had been conned into this trip by a svengali. I asked a couple of innocent questions like how much she had ever read about the southern ocean (since she'd never been on a sailboat much less at sea) and got promptly told I was off base, that she knew what she was doing, that Reid had all the experience in the world and so forth. Then the "collision" made no sense and the few posts about it that were let through were belittled. then fun was made of "Tom" who was offering some good advice about cracking and leaking. the more I read and the more I looked at pictures, the less sense any of it made. Suddenly all the posts became little congratulations and utter nonsense - like how to use a solar oven and make beans sprout and cook oatmeal. Then I found this thread and I found the interview thread mentioned above. I got on both as did a couple of other posters here. Jesse was on here as sailfastandfree with his normal aggressive posts and then came Swan on the other site. Swan started reasonably enough and sounded truly interested with not much information. We talked, I told him it had been good talking and then dropped out. I checked and he had started again with the idea he would join the "reid bashers" if stowe really thought to go into the southern ocean. I still believed him and then he changed - suddenly it was the conclusion we were all "dumbasses" for thinking there was no "collision" and then it was how stupid stowe is and then how stuipid I am. It went from there to Swan posting there and on the 1000 days site how wrong he was to have ever listened to me and the others and how proud he was of stowe. finally, it was that I am an angry cripple in a wheelchair who probably never sailed and needed to get a life - all the venom and aggression jesse has shown in his various guises - from sailfastandfree forward. When I told Swan I believed him to be Jesse he wondered "what kind of schizophrenic trip" are you on?" Not simply, "you're wrong" but the angry tirade he comes up with every time he runs out of sense.
Anyway - I've been constant throughout. The only real change was when it became clear that Soanya is a willing participant who, by now, should know the danger she's in. So, I wrote them both off and now simply enjoy watching Jesse get up tight and lose control whenever anything is said with which he disagrees. Of course, I lately concluded they aren't going anywhere near the southern ocean - if they are at sea at all.

But it's all not important - it's all in a virtual world just for fun. that's what jesse ought to understand but doesn't.
RobinCrusoe is Jeesie/Reid and he is trying to eliminate the SA gang by boring us to DEATH.



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Does anyone know where I can buy one of these?

I am on a new mission!

I am going to take out every fucking Jet Ski on the Chesapeake Bay! :angry:



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jesse has engaged me in conversation on the 1000 at sea blog.

the comment thread, where you can see he addressed a reply to an anonymous poster to me:

elle said...

what you see is bioluminesence caused by algae called dinoflagellates.

5:34 PM


Anonymous said...


as always we love the visuals you create with your writing. what an amazing sight that must have been!

it also must feel great to be picking up the speed again. how does 3-4 knots convert in miles per hour?? (give us non-sailors a little better reference!) thanks.

6:20 PM

clairesgarden said...

I love following your fabulous journey.

many blessings

11:41 PM

Reid Stowe & Soanya Ahmad said...

1 knot= 1.15 mph

2:09 AM

the anti-anarchist said...


a knot is always just a bit faster than a mile per hour...

and the fact is that on the water the apparent speed is magnified greatly. if you are going ten knots over the water on a sailboat you are FLYING! whereas ten mph in a car is too slow to not be honked by whomever is behind you usually.

smooth sailing,


2:56 AM

my reply, if he posts it:

sorry jesse, i didn't ask that question, but i am glad you cleared it up for anonymous. as you know, i sail and as such would know the answer to that question. since you have engaged me in conversation here, may i ask why they are going so slow?

is it simply that the boat is too heavy and has a foul (by this i mean excessive growth of barnacles and weeds)bottom and the sails are torn or are they just not trimming (by this i mean adjusting the sails )for speed.

i saw that one of the stated goals of the journey was to circumnavigate 4 times in 1000 days. does this seem an attainable goal at the rate of speed they are traveling?



i saw that one of the stated goals of the journey was to circumnavigate 4 times in 1000 days. does this seem an attainable goal at the rate of speed they are traveling?

Vendee is about 22,000 nm so say 25K a lap, four laps 100,000 NM means 100 miles a day, so between 4 and 5 knots on average an hour... for 1000 days.... not my cup of tea or block of parm.....