Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

I was reading through his experiances, time at sea, preperation, etc, and was actually starting to think he's got an idea of what he's getting into. I still figured he was bat-shit crazy, but you need to be a little differently abled to leave for 3 years. Then I found this.


"Pumping Up and Examining Our Rubber Boat/Life Raft

In a break between snows and gale force winds, we pumped up and examined our rubber inflatable, which will also serve as our life raft. When our friend, Charlie Doane an editor of Sail magazine, gave it to us, I told him we hoped to keep it inside and will never use it. But prudence and careful planning to the best of our abilities demanded that we familiarize ourselves with our equipment in case we had to use it. Having had experience with rubber boats, pumping it up and restowing it was straight forward. We had a patch kit, two foot pumps, and three sets of oars. The use of an open rubber boat as a life raft is debatable, but it will work as it has on numerous occasions, most notably by Alan Bombard who purposely took an open rubber boat with very few supplies across the Atlantic in the seventies. We will discuss in an upcoming blog our survival bags and strategies for abandoning ship"

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If this really is the donation from his ex-wife, I love the gesture.

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Hmm. This guy sounds to me like the perfect anarchist. But then he gets slammed by posters on a website named Sailing Anarchy.

I guess anarchy has limits...

I saw this on the local news last night and my first thought was also that I think he'll bail out before the 1000 days. A 1000 days on Ellison's boat is one thing but his 70' schooner is quite another.

How in the hell did that girl get conned into that ???????????

It would be great if somehow thier blog could get linked / posted over to cruising anarchy so we could follow their antics.



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I hate to say this but I would love to go spend 3 years cruising around, but I would like to stop at some pacific islands and other interesting places.


Rum Runner

Rum Runner
As soon as I saw the news story I also though this will not last. I'll bet they make it to South Africa and she forces him to bail out. I feel sorry for the girlfriend the most since it doesn't sound like she knows what she is getting into.



I feel sorry for them. Clearly zero idea what the fuck they are getting into.

"While in the South Atlantic Ocean, they aim to sail in a heart-shaped pattern, as an artistic statement. After that the course will not be pre-determined." I laughed hard. Chances of them doing this or even making it round once are slim. Still i feel i should wish them luck. They will need it.



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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 100 days would be a stretch. Sailing in a "heart shaped pattern" puleeezzzz! That is one of the fairy tales he told her when he proposed the idea. She has no idea what she's in for. I wonder what she will do when he blows up his heart screwing her. And she's alone in the middle of the Atlantic. He better teach er how to switch on the EPIRB!!!