Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

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At this rate they'll have 66 collisions after 1,000 days.


Last night we had a collision with a freighter vessel. No one was hurt and the boat is fine except the bowsprit is bent and now useless and we don't have a roller-furling unit or jib sheet. We are engaged in emergency repairs and more will follow soon.

Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad

1000 Days Non-stop at Sea



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that's one of those"what the fuck just happened"moments. I Hope he realizes now that it's not the water that'll kill ya, but all the hard shit in and around it that will do him in.............



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Doesn't this sound like a scene from "The Postman Always Rings Twice"?

“The sun reflected off the ocean behind so strongly that I could scarcely gaze upon the white shimmering liquid. It was a raucous ride on the cockpit table. I gripped the edge so I wouldn't go sliding off in a hurry. I had just washed my hair, but I gladly allowed it to become salt encrusted yet again. The roaring wind, the white-topped crashing sapphire and the almost steady rainbow portside made me feel exuberant and I grinned ear to ear.”
This is priceless:

"Reid decided to work on patching the sail that he accidentally tore while putting a reef (tying the sail shorter) in during one of the previous storms. He figured since he had to patch the sail, he might as well do it Reid style and cut the shape of the patch into a heart, this being the theme for the first quarter of the 1000 days voyage."

This is probably all BS. Sounds like he is setting up the "we wanted to go on but equipment failures made us stop" excuse.

Does anyone really believe that he hit a freighter or that a freighter hit him or that he is recutting a sail into as heart shape?

I listened to his telephone call shoreside (posted on the 1000 day web site), and he comes across as a child, or aesthetic, or completely unfamiliar with the ocean that he is attempting to cope with, and not at all quantitative. His description of the sea conditions - there are white caps across the sea - is completely unlike the description a typical sailor would provide: it's blowing 14 knots and seas are four feet.

I suspect that attempting to have a conversation with him would drive me up the wall. Good thing that won't happen.

On the plus side, he did manage to put the project together. On the down side, he seems woefully unprepared, and his choice of crew leaves much to be desired. His comments reminds me of a hiker being surprised when a bear turns out to not be as friendly as you wish it to be.

He stated it was a Maersk line freighter, it was 2 am when the bowsprit was 'bent', and that he was in the pilot house keeping a look out, as was the Maersk ship. Neither saw other, both were running navigation lights - fat lot of help that will do mid-ocean on a sailboat, the container ships are looking right over your mast.

It does appear that the Darwin awards may have some new candidates shortly...

Alternatively, the bowsprit failed on its own and he's creating the illusion of a collision in order to provide a reason not to go on. Shades of Donald Crowhurst.

- beetle

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not sure if photo is attached or not. don't know whether to hope for soanya's sake that he is tethered on or not.

bowsprit repair:




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not sure if photo is attached or not. don't know whether to hope for soanya's sake that he is tethered on or not.bowsprit repair:

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Well, he definitely ran into something. To his credit, he hasn't hit the button on his EPIRB yet like that douchebag off of Chile. I'm thinking that he needs a welder. My date of June 6 may be optimistic. I'm guessing Horta will be their landfall.

Hey, does anyone want to go out and bash around SF Bay tomorrow afternoon and draw heart shaped designs on the GPS?

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