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How is it affecting your sailing? Still have regattas to sail? Missed regattas because of it? Buy or sell boats during it? I can tell you that I lost a potential sale of A4 because of it.

So jump in and tell us what is happening in your neck of the woods - ed.



I’m going to the liquor store to buy a keg of beer, rent a tap and pick up 5 bottles of vodka since New Jersey bars and liquor stores close at 8pm until further notice. Our race meetings have been postponed and the club closed. My work will slow down next week and I’ll have time to work on my boats. I have to cut the cockpit sole out of the 20’ to get a little more legroom since no one wants to go racing. The Chinese have given me the time and reason.

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Boston, MA
Marblehead has cancelled the rest of the frostbiting season, Nantucket cancelled Figawi, and our club has had to indefinitely postpone a rules seminar.



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De Nile
PacCup had to go virtual on a seminar. I'm concerned that a 3 week shutdown, and the inevitable delays in starting back up will impact our ability to get on the water and actually sail, given the boat is keel-less, rudder-less and mast-less at the moment.  Couple of the crew are also small business owners, and if this crushes them financially...



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I'm under a work from home company mandate, no visiting customers. Our YC has closed for two weeks, will review end of March. Its still winter here so no sailing to be missed but my June holiday is already cancelled by the cruiselines, for good reason.


Maxx Baqustae

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Canadian Southwest
The Annual Southern Straits race (52-year legacy) is been canceled. Our club was going to send the junior sailing team for a California regatta that has been canceled. I don't know yet with our sail past or Swiftsure etc ....yet. Some non-saling events have been canceled. Club is open though. 



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Our season doesn't start until May.  Hopefully we're allowed at the lake by then.  In the meantime, I'll support my favorite chandlery and fix the piece of keel that I busted off getting my boat on the trailer at our last regatta.  I just gave $250 to a local boat mechanic to overhaul my outboard as well.  I'm not going out to eat, but I'm still spending money!



How is it affecting your sailing? Still have regattas to sail? Missed regattas because of it? Buy or sell boats during it? I can tell you that I lost a potential sale of A4 because of it.

So jump in and tell us what is happening in your neck of the woods - ed.
At 70 + I've seen plenty of bad stuff. I plan on doing exactly the same thing Ive done every year since 1980, until I can't.... Fuck it.



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Cristoforo said:
Isn’t there already a thread specifically titled for this subject that’s beem going on for a week?

or did it only come to consciousness because a guy lost a sale of his boat?

mr moderator. Delete this thread! 
yeah, that's exactly why - you are so insightful. i simply wanted to post the question on the fp to see what some people thought about what's happening now. douche.



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Ed, you have to know he is a returd - a turd that was flicked and came back - they are always floating up in PA. 

edit: The next local regatta is scheduled Apr 4-5 and as of today is on inviting anyone whose event was cancelled to come.  Since a number of other events have been cancelled this past week with a few hours notice I would pencil this one in.  Sunday's fun race had a great turnout and fantastic weather - this is a low key pursuit race, not committee and the only registration is radio that you are competing. Crew hugging is right out.

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Melbourne, Australia
Surprising under the circumstances  but our Melbourne AUS brokerage is having the best first quarter of the year for about 5 years, boat sales are steady and prices are holding up ok. Our colleagues in Sydney are reporting a similar situation. We have no idea if it will continue that way but for now, we're happy.

I have had prospects tell me they cant / wont do anything right now in the face of the pandemic and tumbling share prices but on the other hand the last boat I sold went for full asking price within a week from listing. Go figure.


martin 'hoff

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Moth / Wazsp / UFO regatta just successfully concluded in Key Largo, good turnout and good fun for moths and UFOs, champagne conditions on the 3 scheduled days.

Lots of elbow bumping. I had time in between racing to prepper shop at the local supermarket, and to get my 10yo son fly properly on the UFO for the first time - he is over the moon about it.

Given the incubation periods, too early to tell whether we did it just in time, or we made it worse. Friday we'll know.

Next foiling regatta, April 4th is cancelled. My club is hinting closure, so I'll pull my boats out and park them in a beach nearby; hopefully I can sail them and work on them if/when everything stops. Have some composite work to do... 

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Orcas Island
We close on a J/111 tomorrow and our J/120 is now on the market.  Doesn't seem like the cleverest timing ever, but we'll manage.  

Our next two races were to be in Canada.  One has been cancelled and now we would have to self-quarantine for 14 days before attending the other, so that's kind of out too.  

And since we bought an ad here, you can check out the listing of our J/120 here:

and here:




I wasn't able to buy a boat before the quarantine order hit the SF Bay, so my dream of practicing singlehanded spinnaker jibes will have to wait. But the quarantine itself has made boat ownership during the plague somewhat moot.

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Life seems to be currently going on as usual in Opua, New zealand.  As an example,  check out the local calendar for the Opua Cruising Club at 

In the mean time; we wonder if we will be able to sail back north toward Tonga or Fiji come April and May as we notice that the Marshall Islands andf Micronesia are now effectively closed to all visiting yachts. Interesting time to be on a sailing trip around the world 



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Our club has canceled all sorts of things.  Classroom portion of adult sailing school, St. Patrick’s Day party and dinner, monthly membership meeting, virtually galley functions, and I forget what else.


Rain Man

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Wet coast.
Our local RC sailing event next weekend is under discussion.  Opinions are varied about whether we can make it safe.  Just showing up and sailing should be fine, but if we need to use the rescue boat to go get one of the boats that could be an issue.  I suspect in the end we will decide to can it.