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We had registered the kids to compete in the RS Tera World Championships in South Africa.  The RS Tera folks cancelled the event.  Making it better, they are keeping 100% of the $600 entry fee, and 100% of the boat charter fee.  Way to build a class.  Emirates will let us reschedule the flight from LAX to Cape Town, and the safari folks are allowing us to reschedule.  The RS Tera folks though, strictly are offering the back of their hands (or their middle finger).

Dry Armor is (presumably) still shipping the regatta shirts and pennies for the kids.

BCYC cancelled the Bogart race (Avalon and return), and has refunded 100% of the entry fee.
The shirts were finished last week and the pinnies were shipped yesterday and will be there today FEDEX.  I am so sorry they canceled the event. Keeping the charter fee is ridiculous IMHO.

The shirts were finished last week and the pinnies were shipped yesterday and will be there today FEDEX.  I am so sorry they canceled the event. Keeping the charter fee is ridiculous IMHO.
we look forward to the gear nonetheless.  The kids will be Team USA at other events.  Obviously, no rush to send anything FedEx.  Save whatever you can on freight.

Their sailing team has even cancelled practice for the next month.  No hurry, and thanks for making them.

Re: the entry fees.  Agreed.  The OA actually sent an email to me explaining it wanted to make itself whole (cover 100% of its own expenses), so is keeping all the money.  Great way to build a class.



Clearly, a version of boat which doesn't rise to your level.  If you are interested, you can find some information about them here
Oh for fuck's sake you sure are stupid for a lawyer.

I did a video on the Tera when it came out ya fucking monkey.  I was asking who cancelled the event and kept the money.  RS management?  The host club?

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The shirts were finished last week and the pinnies were shipped yesterday and will be there today FEDEX.  I am so sorry they canceled the event. Keeping the charter fee is ridiculous IMHO.
They have arrived.  Thanks again


Super cute!  Thank you for letting me know it all arrived :). Have a great week and thank you for the order. Be sure to send some of them wearing the swag while sailing. We hope we made their time at home, off from school a little more fun. Something to look forward to.
You clearly have.  First time customer.  I've seen your company for years.  Glad we've connected this time.  You delivered everything you promised, just as you said you would.  You'll hear from me again regarding the grown up boat.


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Frostbite season with the Flying Fifteen has been buggered by the weather. 6 consecutive Sundays its been too windy.  Too cold to get the topcoat on the big boat's deck done. Now the bar's shut and the fitting. out dinner cancelled. Harrump!  

No bog paper either.


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Club is closed till the end of the month... Can still go sailing just no racing. Was looking forward to N2E this year...

The closings are the right thing to do however. It will help. 



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Talks and events have been cancelled at our club, including a visit by Maiden in June. Galley is serving take-out lunches only. Gatherings inside have been stopped and staff is wiping down surfaces frequently and washing hands a lot.  Members are encouraged to use outside facilities (docks, porches, grounds). Crew is still busy installing moorings for the upcoming season.  Commissioning isn’t until May, so we’ll see what happens. 



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Yachting NZ was surprisingly bullish in their email to clubs. Our Club in NZ will run out the remainder of the LTS season 3 weeks. The Young 88 keel boat Nationals are still on this weekend with no briefing, party etc. Opti and Starling Nationals due to be held mid-April are having plenty of discussions about proceeding. The Optis would fall under the large gathering restrictions so will have to do something and the usual AUS and Tahiti sailors won't come in any event with our self isolation requirements.

And most importantly the Auckland Girls regatta has been postponed from this weekend.

We're due to travel 800 km to the Starlings and have booked so if the regatta is cancelled we will just turn it into a family holiday.

Two of the principal reasons why this virus is spreading so fast:-

  1. The virus is already multiplying before the patient becomes severely symptomatic. The patient is shedding virus and infecting other people before they are aware that they have the disease.   If you wait until other people in your community are displaying symptoms, you have left it too late.

  1. This Virus sheds in extraordinary large numbers . This is a huge difference from the flu or SARS virus.  CV19 sheds approximately 100x more virus from a patient than either SARS or Flu.

Comparisons to the flu are absurd. The Mortality rate is approximately 70X that of any flu epidemic in the last 20 years. The R zero (transmissibility) is at least double. In layperson's terms you are 150X more likely to die if you meet someone with CV19 than the flu.  

Mortality rates do not tell the whole story. The virus has a viscous lasting impact on the respiratory system. 30 year olds who recover may be facing their remaining 50 years with damaged lungs. 

The disease thrives on contact. It could be stopped or paused if everyone self isolated for 3 weeks. Obviously that is nigh impossible but every selfish bugger who decides that they are 70 years old and have seen it all, and the good and courteous practice of social distancing doesn't apply to him is helping the disease kill and injure other people. The skipper who lacks in leadership and thinks his crew should be put at risk so that he can carry on racing even if the club is closed for the social event is either misinformed or selfish.

True leadership is leading by example.

Encourage your community and your friends to respond early and isolate. Try isolating as a local community. Its more fun and its more effective. Your neighborhood, street, yacht club etc. can create  a group within isolation. If one person takes turns for 5 families going shopping then you reduce contact by 80%.  The disease thrives on contact. Find ways to defeat the disease.

Create a online community

.  Keep up with your friends. Celebrate contact isolation as a group so that real isolation is avoided. Dont let anyone in your community get lonely. Create online communities. Offer to shop for the elderly....and drop their groceries at the front door and talk through the door.

Encourage your friends to wear masks (even a neck scarf washed every time you return from going out…it all helps.) If you have a N95 mask even better.  [SIZE=11pt]I have read some nonsense on social media about masks not being wholly effective. [/SIZE] Nothing is 100% effective . However its important to understand the science. [SIZE=11pt]The CV 19 uses the law of large numbers to spread. In general viruses are very inefficient at attaching themselves to their receptors but CV19 overcomes this by hurling itself in large numbers. If you can keep the large numbers down then the probability of the virus succeeding in attaching itself is significantly reduced.  [/SIZE]If a mask keeps out 80-90% of the droplets you are dramatically reducing the odds of infection. This is a respiratory disease.  Yes of course clean your hands but you dont catch the disease through your hands.  Wear a mask!

Local communities will determine outcomes . Personal leadership will determine outcomes.

Complacency in the critical first 15-21 days is the defining common characteristic of areas with high incidence and high mortality rates.

Stay Safe!




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The general public should not be sopping up particle respirators and N95 masks. But other htan that all good



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I'm days away from hanging a 'For Sale' sign on a property, just waiting for the paint to dry!

Pre-coronavirus price projected a 20% ROI...

Now... ?????     

I'll take a push at this point!


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I am in the shelter in place zone of the bay area.  Can I go sailing single handed on the bay?  no boats on the bay today.  It says outdoor activity OK if you practice social distancing.  does anyone have any info.  I do not want to be boarded by the coast guard.


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