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It's odd. When I click on links from this thread, they sometimes get flagged by the work firewall as "Personals/dating." Is the firewall trying to tell me something?



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couple thoughts:

Gouv, though you likely already know, the crew no sits that far forward on that beautiful Finn. Still, the idea of upkeep is prideful and scary, at least to this dodger.

Lonbordin, the advert fits the area, sadly. I have to wonder if the rig was pinched?
Looked again at the photos. I didn't notice the trim ridge stopped part way back.

I would love to have a wood Finn. Soooooo cool



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Aye Capt, especially one with those credentials.

They sail so quiet but not sure about spars now, with all the AL and carbons. I have not kept up and lost my Paul Elvstrom autographed pic.

Finn is very much dinghy porn to me and wood is like MM stark nekkid...if I did not have current project going...might be tempted to drive out and suffer.

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Tiger Moth for $500



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Best one I've seen...

Latham wingsail sail boat - $200 (Brighton)
That thing is about 10 miles from me.
go get it!! its gotta be awesome!
I hate to be the voice of gloom, but no.

They sucked. Old-timey futuristic suck, without the benefit of ironic Buck Rogers-y styling.

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I'll take the DT250 that is leaning on the tree



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Now THERE is an ad chock-full of information !

I've never even heard of the Volant - doesn't look terrible...trailer is worth nearly his asking.
The Volant is an FD hull minus the back 1' or so, and a simpler daysailer rig. Decked over, bench seats, IIRC it's not quite self-bailing but very nearly so. Great boat, didn't catch on, I'd buy this one myself if it were closer to me.

There actually was one for sail in Virginia last year but the guy wanted $4k for it on a crap trailer and OEM running rigging & sails. At least, that trailer looks good (might even be galvanized) and there is enough rigging that the mast can stand up.

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I'm not familiar with the term 'nearly self bailing'

Would that be a bit like 'nearly pregnant'.

Luger, as a brand, has made appearances in the mocking craigslist thread in CA
A guy in the keys tried to sell/finance me one once...he thought me living on a 22ft boat wasn't "cool"???

He got huffy puffy when I didn't call him after he insisted I call him the next day as he insisted I'd change my mind about buying his derelict Luger conman reminded me of bubba Clinton to no end with his phony "oh shucks" persona...

Poor emotionally challenged temper tantrum prone kiddo sour puss was so emotionally hurt I wouldn't be his friend, buy his boat he bad mouthed me to anyone/everyone who'd listen...that lasted a few months till he started saying my neighbor was a pedophile (his retaliation for my neighbor who quit working on his motor job as shithead sailor pissd hm off more than me) he called me a faggot till the off duty law enforcement lady who lived in our marina explained hate crimes and their punishments to him...wasn't long after that he left either now that I think about it LOL


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