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Is this a 420?



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SIX 420 Hulls. Just the hulls- Free

Nothing free about that posting other then the responsible club is trying to get out of paying gas for hauling and disposal fees at the municipal dump. Boats are stripped and in horrible condition. That advert should read, "Floridaman sells 420's."


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Understanding ads for “free stuff.”

When there is an ad with a $10,000 asking price, the seller is almost always willing to take less. Tge asking price is best described as, “I hope I can get this much but there’s really no way I think I couid get more.”

Whatever the seller is expecting, it is never more than the asking price offering a little less RIGHT NOW is generally sufficient to become the new owner.

When someone advertises a free item, free is the “top dollar wished for price.”

In practice:
If you have the equipment, a place to go with the junk, and enjoy making a living that way, an offer to haul away the junk sailboat THAT HAS NOT BEEN STRIPPED for $3000 is a pretty good place to start.

if I were nearby the pile of junk fiberglass I would have made an offer to haul their trash for $1000 per piece.


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Like the green/white sail.

I bought a new Pryde sail - colorful, but I'm not going to install it yet.
I took the MF out yesterday for the first time and the ratty looking sail works well and holds shape.

BTW, I love that little boat (so far!). I can see Fulcrum making a $2995 mini-Rocket...or someone else. There is a BIG difference in the weight...and a new version of this MF could probably be done at 55-60 lbs.
I say it would sell.

I want a commission.
Parker 505, Muncy PA. No affiliation...probably too far away for me.

3270! thats an old boat! If thats the number, parker build, 1970?

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5o5 for &1k

Pretty boat, only needs...
  • Spinnaker launch tube
  • Double spin poles and that expensive block that holds the inboard end
  • Double sheet/guy blocks and all accompanying rigging
  • Spin twing sheets, blocks, etc.
  • Spinnaker is larger these days, probably need all new sails anyway
  • New centerboard
  • New rudder
  • New rudder transom support beam to handle new loads of rudder
  • Mast ram and all accompanying rigging
  • 16:1 vang
  • 32:1 shrouds and all accompanying rigging
  • Mainsail clew reefing system
  • Every block not already replaced and many lines, replaced with blocks and lines that will handle new higher loads
I'm missing some things, but that's a lot of it. Pretty boat. Race it Portsmouth as is and beg for the rating to be massively adjusted.