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A shout out to the Olympics...though this particular Olympic class boat (Finn) is far from being a competitive Olympic boat!

Yah such a deal, "needs rudder & centerboard & mast & sail" and the non-galvanized trailer will need some work before you can even get it out of the back yard.

This one belongs in the Mocking thread, two doors down and to the left please.

OTOH looking at the list in Redding and vicinity, there are some cool 'finds' like a 470 (slightly overpriced at $1500) and M20 scow at $700, and this baby here

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Alan Crawford

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Santana 20.

While not a dinghy and not on Craig's List, I figured I would post this here as it seems "close enough" and can maybe find a new home.

I came across a Santana 20 sitting uncovered in Dayton, Montana (Flathead Lake). It's been in the same location for at least a year and, other than baking in the Montana sun, seems to be in good shape all things considered. No major "problems" are visible when walking around the boat. Sitting on a nice Triad Trailer. Builder's info on the transom = WDSP05130179-S20.

On the "for sale" sign $2500 OBO and a number 406-250-7987





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Might be a mite spendy. Heavy for 13-feet. Really. But and good name designers...MacAlpine-Downey/Gibbs. Boat was one of Chrysler "Pirate Series" boats and need to check the hull and fittings...then the trailer. they do sail, however and just MYHO

Depending on trailer and state...

I shoulda grabbed the Finn earlier...frikken beauty.



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Looks like there could be a mast step on the aft deck and pintles/gudgeons on the bow. Completely reversible, and I bet the "performance" would be the same going both ways. The chick in the Pirateer photo (#412) would look great on this boat...



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Doncha just love it when people sit way inside the gunwale and lean back to flatten the boat.

All ya gotta do is hang your ass over the edge!!!