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The Seafarer 31-1:  I think one of the most beautiful Bill Tripp designs.

As much as I appreciate the practicality of the rig for long-range cruising, and as much as I dig the look, it's just not for the short-hop, coastal cruising me.  Too much hardware and maintenance  for too little benefit.  But, oh that sheer line, bow and transom.  That's what a sailboat is supposed to look like.There is a sloop version of this model docked at the yacht club I pass every trip out into the Sound.  Meticulously maintained and cared for; just a sheer joy to see sail or even sitting at the dock.  Not the fastest sailer, but boy does she turn heads when she goes by (or you go by her, more likely).

This yawl looks to be in good shape, but it's hard to tell for sure from the photos.  In any case, she's been painted and repowered.

I really don't get why sellers don't take an extra ten minutes to set up good photos....




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This may, or may not, be a bargain.

Good 1970s boat with full head of sails and lots of extras.
It's getting pretty run down, needs TLC and I can't maintain it.

Reliable Faryman diesel with two parts engines will keep it running forever.

New electronic tiller pilot.

Free open water moorage available.

$2900 CAD.
I don't know about anyone else's situation, but my garage is cluttered enough without two parts engines.

1976 Chaser 33 Sailboat

LOA: 33ft
Beam: 10.5ft
Draft: 6ft

This Chaser 33 has been on Lake St. Clair for the past 25yrs, used mostly for racing. In 2019 the boat finished mid-pack in the Bayview Mackinac Race, so very capable of racing or local cruising. The time has come for the current owners to upgrade to a larger boat due to growing family.

The structural condition of the boat is good, with the bottom stripped to gel-coat in Spring-2019 and epoxy barrier coat applied to protrect the hull. The interior is in fair but dated condition.

Overall, the boat serves as an excellent platform for the budget minded person looking to spend time on the great lakes, including overnight "camping", or alternatively, great for someone looking to get into racing.

Interior (from front to rear)
V-birth: Double Bunk (currently, no cushions)
Head/Toilet (on Port)
Hanging/Wet Locker (on Starboard)
Bench seats: Single Bunks (on both sides of main cabin)
Pilot Births: Single Bunks (on both sides, above bench seats)
Nav Station (on Starboard)
Galley (2-burner Alcohol stove, Ice Box, Sink basin - on port)
Quarter Birth: Single Bunk (on Starboard)

Total sleeping: 7-people

Mast & Rigging (new in 1999 - solid SS rod rigging)
Atomic 4 inboard engine
Folding Prop
qty-4 Cabin Top Winches
qty-2 Primary Winches

Main Sail (carbon laminate, Quantum in 2012, very good condition)
Main Sail (Dacron older, but fair condition)
#1 Genoa 155% (laminate, fair/poor condition)
#2 Genoa ~130% (Dacron)
0.5oz Spinnaker
0.75oz Spinnaker
1.5oz Spinnaker

VHF Radio
AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth Stereo





The J/35 isn't as "nice" belowdecks, but it came out 37 years ago:

That j/109 photo is definitely using a wide angle lens. And as for the J/35, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that nice. Where are all the wet sails? Wine glasses !?!

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A Chaser owner would know the difference between the 33 3/4 Tonner and the Binliner splash of the Chaser 29 1/2 Tonner
They would. But there is a difference between the Binliner and the full-on 1/2 ton Chaser.  I know as we won VARC boat of the year twice on the 1/2 ton Chaser called "Hortense" DO you know how to make a Hortense? Don't pay her! That said I raced a 33 Binlner too and the Korean version too. Very, very heavy helmed boat in any breeze downwind. Lost the rig one in Swiftsure 1980 right at Race Passage. We were winning too.