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Interesting that the planned route is Newfoundland-England, not across the Atlantic via the Trades to Caribbean.  Wonder why?  Shorter?  Seems rougher/colder.
Distance- the northern route is half as far. Carrying supplies will be the main impediment, as stated already.

Even though current and wind favour both and south is much milder, you can claim continent to continent rather than island to island crossing in the north.

Plus the current record holder (and the previous 3 or so) went the northern way. Although earlier ones from the 60's were in the trades, back the the record size limit was a bit bigger so a couple more months of supplies was feasible! 

Still, I think this sort of thing is a bit like ocean rowing crossings: nobody has EVER made an upwind/upcurrent passage transocean...



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It is called a "manifestly unsafe voyage" ;) The USCG or whomever can stop these things if they can be arsed to.
In the instances I've noticed in the past, the Coast Guard tends to let daredevils/adventurers/fools carry on unless there's family pleading with them to stop their nutty relative (and the relative is indeed nutty), or it becomes newsworthy in a way that raises a ruckus.  In general, if the adventurer appears to be of sound mind, experienced in similar risky stuff, and determined to do it, they tend not to stop them.  And enough crazy-ass attempts of this type have succeeded that it gives them some cover.

I still wish they wouldn't get into the race for the tiniest "vessel" they can squeeze into.  Echoing what I posted last Friday, out beyond aircraft-rescue range, it's the oceangoing merchant ships and crews who end up as volunteer rescuers.  They do this out of good will and unselfishness (a rare commodity in most businesses ashore).  And they don't ask to be reimbursed either.  I'd hate to see that change.

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I've been stopped twice for a manifestly unsafe voyage. Both times on a Laser, both times it was untrue.
Someone tried to stop us once.
We were over at the Sailing Emporium in Rock Hall on a rainy windy day in late November with our infant son. It is a long walk around to there from town, but a 30 second dinghy ride from where we had a slip across the creek, so we took the dinghy over. They saw us tie up and come in the store. Eventually they got around to asking where we were from and we said Kent Island. They said they really couldn't let us leave in the dinghy, they were going to put it in the back of a pickup and drive us all home. It took a me a second to realize they though we came THE WHOLE WAY in the dinghy!



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Interesting that the planned route is Newfoundland-England, not across the Atlantic via the Trades to Caribbean.  Wonder why?  Shorter?  Seems rougher/colder.
Since he won’t be able to open any hatches underway, what with there being WAVES and stuff in the ocean, the colder route is WAY preferable. He’d roast to death on the southern route.



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Wow.  Really?    Their reason was what?
Each time I was pretty far off shore of St. Pete Beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Each time they looked at me and said "No way!" Each time they gave me a citation (but no financial penalty) and each time I was able to avoid getting craned aboard.

Gotta say I felt safe & comfortable each time.



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Good on him

Now can he sign a waiver that no coast guard/naval vessel is going to have to come out and save him?

They are already closing down local stations due to budget constraints.
They should not have to risk lives and piss away fuel to recover dumb asses from their own folly.

Ever see the size of the oil rig support ships used to service the offshore rigs?   They fucking huge (200-500') for a reason.

Have such idiots raise funds to pay for such emergency services first.  They can get a cut of the action from the local bookies on what day he bails on this endevour.

Or the over under the rudder snaps off the first time that thing inverts.

Idiots like this just reinforce the public's opinion of sailors being a bunch of rich clueless jackasses.
If you are boring, just say that. 


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You're assuming of course that the water will be flowing from the front to the back. I'd say he's got it right as even though the bow will be pointing in the direction of travel, both the wind and waves will be moving from back to front! :p

I was thinking he would need a way to clear weeds off the backward keel, but perhaps you are right, and the weeds will slide on by stern to bow....

EDIT, Regardless, I think the bloke is bat shit crazy!!   :lol:    And will be lucky to survive...  :(

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In the first single handed trans-Atlantic race Blondie Hasler refused to take a radio or flares stating that it was his right to do risk his life doing the crossing, but not his right to expect others to risk their lives to rescue him.  This should be the attitude of anyone undertaking such a stunt.  No flares, no epirb, no radio. You make your choices and take your chances. it's called personal responsibility.