Crazy Congress and their unending Investigations

Ex Machina

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He's subconsciously coming to the realization that he's member of cult and that his world view is made of nothing but a tissue of lies. His conscious mind cannot accept that. Thus we are witnessing a mental breakdown of a very serious nature. Back before I put him on ignore, I begged him over and over again to seek help.
That’s very disasparagussing

Dog 2.0

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I am not a lawyer and even I could get this "case" thrown out of court in about an hour. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to talk about "chain of custody and rules of evidence". This laptop has been poked more times than a $10 hooker during Fleet Week.
* if there ever was some kind of legal case here, all the Magatty fucking around has made it 100% certain it can never be prosecuted :ROFLMAO:
Not the actual laptop in the possession of the FBI.

Steam Flyer

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Not the actual laptop in the possession of the FBI.


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If the laptop can be verified and the incriminating emails it contains can be verified, I'm not seeing how it's not be admissible. Add firsthand corroborating testimony from Tony Bobulinski and it looks to me like a case. You, however may be right. We shall see.
"If" and "May"... The two whoresmen of the Dogpocylpse.