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His current boat (I guess that's what it is) has batteries capable of storing 13,000 amps. I guess he'll need a lot of amps for the hair dryer.

It's the J112.

Ummm...just what (cough cough) were you surfing to find this?

I was just checking out the boats for sale on e-bay I swear. I Found his great "yacht" for sale at a bargain price and then a link to his fucking absurd website. This guy is priceless from his hand made 16th century regallia all the way down to his early beginnigs as an actor in 1960's skin flicks. You could not make this shit up and I love it. I should stop now, before I go out and buy his book.


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i can't fit enough food inside, so......

i'm going to grow it as i go.

I think the well practiced Australian Navy S&R teams can rest safe in their beds. He's not going to get that far...



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O-oh. I can see where this is goin'. Has regatta dog heard about this yet?
Elle alerted us to Admiral Dinghy on page 125 of 1000 days thread on February 26, '08 Post #12410

nothing sprouty gets past us.

LB15, i hear selenium pills can help with memory loss.