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As the hurricane season is quickly approaching I am again having a fantasy about storing my Seawind catamaran in a hurricane hole and getting an fboat I can go 55mph to windward on interstate to sail on long weekends (or even a week or two).  Just did a few google searches and it seems like there are a lot fewer boats than the last time I checked.

So what do you guys think?



Whiley Sharp just did his Q1 review on reported catamaran sales, while I'm not sure he includes boats under 40 foot (I could be wrong) it might be some interesting viewing. You can also sign up and get all the data as a spreadsheet if you want to look into it in more detail. But ultimatly he says that the market hasn't slowed down at all and is still rather buoyant (no pun intended) 

there's a lot of turnover in the corsair/fboat market so they pop on and off the market all the time.  I haven't paid much attention to the timing, but I bet people put them up for sale at the end of the summer.

you can also talk to the brokers, they often have an inside track on a boat before it comes to market.

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