Curious - How Old Is Everybody?


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I can attest to the "grumpiness" component...'bout 10yrs ago I folded up a crew I was tired of babysitting and have pretty much focussed on jobs I can handle alone...the crew reunited in another form and I occasionally help them out with something and they'll joke about "The Grumpy Old Fucker" being back on the job...the solo gig works pretty well for me at 65...except for days like the past few...2"x8"x24' treated ain't getting any lighter apparently...😄

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Well that screw gun will keep you standing up and off your knees. With age comes wisdom, or some such shit.


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Oh and by the way Ms. Lights, don't you try to make this thread all up like the Hot Girls in Bikinis vs. the Old Bearded Fools says right there in the thread title: how old is everybody?...cough it up girl.
I would NEVER do that, nor tell a lie or wear a bikini😂. In fact, since I’m a natural redhead, and burn so easily, I sail very covered up.

Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
Not really seeing that at the various clubs as most all the elder sailors welcome the younger sailors with open arms, and a willingness to help and teach the younger generations. Sure, there's an occasional cranky old sailor. but for the most part they're the exception

I was referring more to here.

Yacht clubs do seem to be more welcoming.

Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
You're not really OLD until you reach the age where you genuinely think other people are interested in hearing you talk about your health.

That's just old people's competitiveness coming out.

"I'm gunna whip your arse" has been replaced with "I've got more knee replacements!"


The Doc was just starting and doing the stitchingwhen I arrived at Harborview's ER. The trauma surgeon was a very tiny Korean, maybe 4'11" tall at the most. I noticed she had very delicate hands as she was tying and impressively marrying up of the jagged edges of the injury with very uniform tiny sutures.
My doctor is a phenomenal suture artist. He claims it's because he was a fly-tying enthusiast before becoming a GP.


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What, 1970 in the UK?
No, 1960's in the UK, I was born at home in 1959 as were both my sisters. I remember visiting the Anti natal clinics and being sent to my Aunties when my younger sister was born at home, delivered by the midwife in 1963. Exactly like in the Show if you've seen it.
Many of the housed across the river were Victorian tenement slums without bathrooms, due to be re developed and the massive old Victorian building that housed the heated swimming "baths" (as we called) them also had big bathrooms with a big bath. cost of a bath including a towel was 3d.

Milk was still delivered by a milkman with a horse drawn milk float in 1972 in some Melbourne suburbs

England was still recovering from War. Nottingham as an industrial city still had it's fair share of bomb sites.

That's my Dad and Sheba in the yard of the house my sister and I were born in.


And my Mother and father's family (I'm the baby just been dunked) in Maryport, Cumberland 1960
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