Curious - How Old Is Everybody?


in the early '80s some people would run in canadian federal elections for the "rhinosorus party" which was a kinda of a protest/joke. A very good friend of mine was a reporter for a local radio station at the time. the story is he help out the mike to this rhino candidate and asked if he wanted to talk about his platform and the guy is said to have responded "we will have subsidized housing for dwarves, we will call them stay free mini-pads".
I voted Rhinoceros a few times. The regular candidates were all idiots.


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You didn't get the extended warranty, did you?
It's the lack of OEM parts availability that kind of makes the whole warranty moot, ya know? All the aftermarket options still come with enough performance penalties to keep pushing through.

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If you loved it, it wase goode..... periode
😆 If I had it to do over I’d skip running. Enough pounding on the hips at work, but the running most certainly contributed greatly. You can see when people who are built to run do it. The gait is smooth, almost effortless, it’s like they glide. That wasn’t me. 🤣 I wasn’t a plodder by any means but there was nothing graceful about my stride. Lotsa miles, lotsa pounding. Two hip replacements and 3 knee surgeries. Maybe work would have done it anyway…….I’d skip it if I could do a rerun.

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My older and wiser than me sister is fond of saying; "There's a reason we die. By the time we get old the world has changed too much."

And by the time we get old all of our old friends and acquantainces are gone!! That was my Grandfathers observation before he passed in his mid 80's. He had experienced WWI in Europe where he was hospitalized for mustard gas, then sent home. It was a much different world when he passed in 1989. And a far different one now, 34 years later!!!
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66 and eyeing up a cessation of working every day for the boatyard. On paper we should only have to eat cat food on an occasional basis but time will tell.

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