Damn Orcas


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So what's the tactic? Stay farther offshore? Weighing being less likely to be attacked vs the attack being more dangerous as safety/help is farther away does not sound like fun.

a lot of the attacks are on boats that have either recently left a port, or are approaching a port.


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probably mentioned before, but apparently just three young males involved, can that be true all the way along the coasts of portugal and spain?

Look at em playing in that wave. They must think a sailboat is boring. Reminds me of my kids.


A few years ago I had a Finish relative come for a visit, he is a farmer and no sailing experience. I took him and his son out for a tour on a mist low cloud day, and spotted an orca heading right for us. I shut the motor off (no wind that day) and waited for him. The closer he got, the more agitated they became. 100 yards out I said HE CAN SMELL the LOJROM TOAST on you guys! They scattered to the starboard side of the boat fast! Fish egg toast. The whale swam directly under the centre of the boat




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Empty your holding tank?. Have you heard about whale shit? Whales have been emptying their holding tanks for 100 million years and the Orca are still here.​

Six years ago, about 100 miles west of San Francisco on a delivery from Oahu, our 35 foot sloop, cruising along under full main and Code 0, inadvertently plowed into a sleeping juvenile whale while the boat was doing 6.5 knots. Startled, the creature immediately evacuated its bowels (a polite way of saying it shit its pants), which exited the torso with the force of a firehose- a disgusting spew resembling wet mud. The hull was only inches from the whale, so the high pressure of the spewing feces hitting the hull caused it to shoot up vertically about 10 feet in the air, only to cascade down into the cockpit, totally drenching one of the guys in whale shit. The stink was overpowering.....as was the laughter...after first determining that our boat was undamaged. A pile of filthy clothes and foulies were consigned to Davy Jones' locker.

True story.

If orcas started attacking my boat, I would not hesitate to break out the boat's "2nd Amendment defensive tool" and put a few rounds of 9 mike-mike into the water. Just saying.
Make sure you file the front sight off your 9mm if you are going to shoot it at killer whales.

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I have a Wauquiez Centurion 42 and my "Wauquiez" group email had info about an encounter on a Pretorien 35 with orcas. They reported it to this website which has some cool info I didn't see posted in this thread. If it has been posted, my apologies.

Here is the email that I got and English second language so...

On August 31th, at 2:00 in the night, a pod of orcas (5?) attacked(!) my boat Nausicaa, in position 18 miles from Tarifa, I was motoring with autopilot and no sails up at 3,6 knots, heading Tarifa.
I tried to hold the rudder's wheel but I quit it after the first stroke.
I stopped the engine, turned off all the instruments, except radio, AIS and navigation lights, cause we were close to the Traffic Separation Scheme area.
We stay all the time inside the boat trying to don't make any noise. We could hear them "talking".
They attacked us for 2,5 hours, then after 30 minutes without interactions, we started the engine and we continued to navigated at 5 knots with the emergency tiller, but after few minutes they started again, banging on our rudders, cause we have also the wind pilot rudder. They continued for 30 minutes and they left, we waited 30 minutes and then we run away at maximum speed (7 knots) for 3 hours.
I'm not smart enough to understand why they did that, but they are very smart and I can not believe the did s a kind of play, neither as a kind of practice on tunas fishing. They wanted to brake our rudders and they didn't left until they broke them. But they continuosly hit the hull as well but the strongest strokes where for the rudders. We lied quietly in the forecabin and sometimes we could feel the strokes right behind our back. That's the reason I say they attacked us. Luckily my boat is quite sturdy and for 2 hours I thought we could leave without damages. Then they decided to hit harder, very hard and then I knew they succeeded to bend the rudder shaft so they left, but when we left they come back, smaller in number, to try to stop again.
Last interaction was 7 miles from the first interaction.
That's my story. It was an incredible experience, in any sense. I hope to don't experience that again


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Apparently another boat sunk.
Why, not clear.
Best action that was given by a marine biologist doing research there, stop the boat, stop making noise. In short, stop being interesting.
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There have been a lot of attacks in Portugal/Spain area. Has anyone tried to find any commonality in the attacks? Motoring or sailing or both, for example? Type of boat?


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Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same. But why?

Scientists think a traumatized orca initiated the assault on boats after a "critical moment of agony" and that the behavior is spreading among the population through social learning.

Orcas have attacked and sunk a third boat off the Iberian coast of Europe, and experts now believe the behavior is being copied by the rest of the population. (Continues)


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