Dan Meyers and Ernesto Bertarelli are in a relationship?


Front page says ************ is Ernesto's boyfriend. That's pretty surprising because I am 99% positive Bertarelli is married. Is/was ************ married? Are there divorces in the making? That's pretty sad but I guess yachting passions can take us pretty far. Has ************ been racing on Swiss lake cats? Gay movement is really expanding.

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^You're clearly an ass-clown.

************ is clearly a douche-nozzle and I know everyone wants to vilify Bertarelli but we are in cycle #2 of a America's Clusterfuck where lawyers trump sailors and we will see more time spent in a court by people who don't know the difference between their arseholes and their manginas. Ellison came out saying he wasn't evil like a Google flim-flam and he has just shown more and more of his personality like a stripper bending over a dollar note.

This AC stinks and there is no positive outlook to it.

As a sailor and rugby player I would like to think that we are not in the dismal pits of football (soccer) or baseball (rounders) but it is evidently clear that sailing is vacuum of what we think it isn't.

This message has been brought to you by Grey Goose.


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