David Crosby DTS


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The Burg, Maine
Damn, damn, double damn! I'd just read that he was going through a spurt of creativity and his latest studio efforts were among his finest works!

Consolations to his kinfolk and friends!
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I saw him in a remote Northern Wisconsin (Bayfield) at Big Top Chautauqua 3 or 4 years ago.

Great show, a good mix of new and old. He had an amazing backing singers and musicians.

RIP to an icon and another part of my youth


Hof & Gammel Dansk - Skål !

If you smile at me, I will understand
'Cause that is something
Everybody everywhere does in the same language

I can see by your coat, my friend
You're from the other side
There's just one thing I got to know
Can you tell me please, who won?

Say, can I have some of your purple berries?
Yes, I've been eating them for six or seven weeks now
Haven't got sick once
Probably keep us both alive

Wooden ships on the water, very free and easy
Easy, you know the way it's supposed to be
Silver people on the shoreline, let us be
Talkin' 'bout very free and easy

Horror grips us as we watch you die
All we can do is echo your anguished cries
Stare as all human feelings die
We are leaving, you don't need us

Go, take your sister then, by the hand
Lead her away from this foreign land
Far away, where we might laugh again
We are leaving, you don't need us

And it's a fair wind blowin' warm
Out of the south over my shoulder
I guess I'll set a course and go

Song actually written on David Crosby's S/V Mayan, below. A place he would go "just to be."


Black Jack

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Love the dude and his music but he was a freak. He was a freak we could recognize in every ornery sailor we have ever met.

Almost cut my hair
It happened just the other day
It's gettin' kinda long
I coulda said it wasn't in my way
But I didn't and I wonder why
I feel like letting my freak flag fly
Yes, I feel like I owe it to someone
Must be because I had a flu for Christmas
And I'm not feeling up to par
It increases my paranoia
Like looking at my mirror and seeing a police car
But I'm not giving in an inch to fear
'Cause I promised myself this year
I feel like I owe it to someone
When I finally get myself together
I'm going to get down in that sunny southern weather
And I'll find a place inside to laugh
Separate the wheat from the chaff
I feel like I owe it
To someone, yeah
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Great Wet North
RIP to a huge figure in music.

Surprising he lived as long as he did.

His stewardship of Mayan excused a lot of his behaviour.

I long thought of him in a similar vein to Neil Young - a towering talent but not so much as a human being.

Try and find the story of Beau, the current steward of Mayan - interesting guy and a worthy successor for the boat. At one point he and Mayan swapped berths with Bill Lee and Merlin.

Talk about "You know you have arrived when..." :cool:


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very melancholy over this one. saw csn, csny and their component parts more times than I care to admit. got to see csn one last time in 2015 in Glasgow during their last tour together. Best show of theirs I ever went to.

Thanks for tunes Croz ...

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