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A good friend has a proper 5.1 klipsh based audio system and the immersion DVD of Dark Side of the Moon done as both a 4 channel quad mix by Alan Parsons as well as the 5.1 mix done in the early 2000's.  Parsons was apparently unhappy with his mix, but it sounds amazing. 5.1 is every bit as good.

Both gave a sonic feel that you could have only experienced in a live setting. 

Add in some kind bud for and even higher elevated experience  :rolleyes:
It's Klipsch. I know because I tried to put a system together for years but couldn't ever get the money together. Really good stuff is expensive. I was going to pair them to Adcom .


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Some of the individual items’ final bids included $3,975,000 for the ‘Black Strat’, well above the estimated range of $100,000 to $150,000. Other big-ticket items included a 1954 Fender Stratocaster with the serial number 0001, which was used on the recording of ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 2’, which went for over $1.8 million. A 1958 Gretsch White Penguin sold for $447,000, and a 1955 Gibson Goldtop Les Paul, also used on ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 2’, sold for $447,000. Christie’s declared all to be “world musical instruments auction records”.

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SJB will appreciate this as he's in the same area. I was working at the rental shop on Grouse Mtn. in North Vancouver and we had a call from the base that a well-known band and crew are coming up. It was Pink Floyd. I set all there gear up and went skiing myself for lunch break. They were a sort of fringy/arty band for many. Not the Stones, Zep or anything. But how would have known that it was the first-ever "Dark Side of the Moon" tour? In those days All big bands started their tours out of Vancouver and we got the first look a now-legendary/epic album. I didn't even ask for tickets or anything but I went up the chair with David Gilmour twice. He was more interested in my skiing ( I was just about to go pro) and Vancouver then what the band was doing. I still have their rental cards somewhere and we had a little apres ski at the bar up there.       



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I saw that show - it was the first of the now standard epic stadium shows - indoor pyrotechnics, nekkid dancing girls on the speaker towers etc.




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Havin’ been a wild child, then art student of a certain age… oh what a cliché

I got to enjoy the Floyd at Knebworth house back in the 70s In fact was somewhere in the midst of this mass...I think a B-17 flew over as they walked on.... madness!



Towards the very end of the Dark Side set these chords pounded out over the star filled sky (greatness was present)… and twas the very first time I had ever heard this live….

(Still one of my fave roof down twisty mountain road night drive thrill tunes)

David owns a boat as it happens on the Thames – this one.  Ship ahoy!