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Like Lennon and McCartney..... Two giant egos with the talent to back it up.

I prefer Roger Waters, but concede that Gilmour is/was a master at his craft.

I do not like Trump either but isn't this one step too far?
You wouldn't do that to your worst enemy.
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Blues Rule

Need Your Love So Bad - Peter Green and David Gilmour

This version of Need Your Love So Bad started life as a home recorded vocal by Peter Green in 1968 using a domestic tape recorder.

Producer Laurie Latham took the vocal track and with the full input of legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour created a new musical landscape for this classic blues track.

Peter heard and approved of the treatment before he passed away, peacefully in his sleep, on July 25th 2020.

This is one of two tracks that form part of this book project by Peter called The Albatross Man.

The other track is a new version of Man of the World by Kirk Hammett from Metallica using Peter's original famous Les Paul.

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