Daylight Savings…grrrr

Frank White



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...a yes, the Austrian cows too suffered so much...! All the outdoorsy people really enjoyed the extra hour of daylight after work! Of courrse the creatures of the night & the couch-surfers...
(please everybody who from time to time travels more than 15° of longitude east or west - if for business or pleasure - : would you please shut up! Thank you!)

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I don't know anyone that wants to keep flipping back and forth twice a year. Literally no-one. Yet we cannot get it changed. What does that say about our form of government?

That we need to start a Sailing Anarchy $uperPAC to $peak about this issue.

What do I win?

The answer better not be an appointment to the board.


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worked for me as a whippersnapper , extra light after ko was a gimmie :)
Yes the best thing was being to sail after work, though more then a few Friday nights sailed after dark in the winter in my younger days. As for getting up in the dark, did it most of my life - always liked getting up before the sun.
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Meat Wad

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Double adjustment of driving east to work with sunrise in my eyes, not a problem anymore for me. But I have always been in tune with day light and never use an alarm clock even when traveling across multiple time zones. The hour adjustment twice a year really fucks with me!
I have wondered how our dogs feel when their dinner is an hour late or early, depending on the shift. Cats must be really pissed.

HARDEN THE FUCK UP! sorry I pushed the wrong key and sent the incomplete reply. Wankers.
You do know there is an edit button.


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I thought there was a vote to stop going back and forth with the time changes!
My orchids can’t handle the extra hour of sunlight 😠
In AZ, no changes besides the earlier start of east coast hockey games :). The entire country shifted an hour ahead so I now need to get up early for my meetings on the east coast(5 ugh)... Rather we stay on the new time btw. late night sun/sailing is good. ...


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Youall getting jetlag, headaches, amnesia, impotence, sleepless nights, heart (or god forbid cock-)-burn from the switch to & from DST:
you must be leading the most boring of lives: unfailingly you hit the sack at the exact same time day in and out, weekends too, only to rise the same hours of a morning, weekdays & weekends, never travelling to destinations further east or west or to places where the day is longer/shorter than at your cave. Come to think of it: you must be living very near to the equator, as changes in day-length must surely kill you, as a mere post- or pre-poning of daylight unbalances you so much. Poor buggers!


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I don't know anyone that wants to keep flipping back and forth twice a year. Literally no-one. Yet we cannot get it changed. What does that say about
I like it, DST gives us an extra hour to race or golf during the weekday. Non-DST in the winter lets kids walk to school with some daylight. How hard is it to change a clock twice a year?


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...& one more thing, you "jetlagged, brainfogged" anti-DSTers:
how badly are you affected by the Equation of Time? Never heard about it? Never noticed it?
The "positon of the sun" relative to the clocks "moves" a good half hour between Nov 3rd & Feb11th.
See, not only the "clock-authorities", even sun himself wants to fuck with you!