Deep Frying Turkey Aboard


I setup a turkey friar on the aft rail. Going to fry one up daysailing tomorrow.

Do you think the oil will slop around?

I have a shield I made for over the outboard's fuel tank on my McGregor..

Testing at the dock a few months ago the oil caught fire. I was able to put it out no problem. Fire people weren't so happy though as I used bacon fat I had been collecting for the past couple years, was pretty smokey. Now that I am all healed I think I have all kinks worked out but I did lose quite a bit of feeling in my right hand. Pic is what was left...some of the bits by the breast bone were really good.

wish me luck!


Oh and for your TG day dinner music here is a thanksgiving themed piece...

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Somebody Else

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What could possibly go wrong, right?

People burn down their entire house due to small mistakes with deep-frying a turkey. I don't see how introducing the process to a tiny, unstable space like a small boat should be any problem...

Yes, please, video the entire process so we can put it up alongside those Russian car-wreck videos.

Treating major burns

Until emergency help arrives:

  • Protect the burned person from further harm. If you can do so safely, make sure the person you're helping is not in contact with the source of the burn. For electrical burns, make sure the power source is off before you approach the burned person.
  • Make certain that the person burned is breathing. If needed, begin rescue breathing if you know how.
  • Remove jewelry, belts and other restrictive items,especially from around burned areas and the neck. Burned areas swell rapidly.
  • Cover the area of the burn. Use a cool, moist bandage or a clean cloth.
  • Don't immerse large severe burns in water. Doing so could cause a serious loss of body heat (hypothermia).
  • Elevate the burned area. Raise the wound above heart level, if possible.
  • Watch for signs of shock. Signs and symptoms include fainting, pale complexion or breathing in a notably shallow fashion.


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Suggest you not try this in a marina.

No need to torch all the surrounding boats, as you insurance may cover 1 or 2 at most.

Nothing like a flaming oil fire in a marina.  You will be the talk of the place for weeks if something goes wrong.


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I'd leave the life raft on the dock to make extra room.  That way you won't have to move the outboard's fuel tank out of the cockpit.  +1 on the filming.  do you have a gopro?



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One day North America might wake up and feel a bit more empathetic about the feelings of turkeys this time of year.

giphy (1).gif

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Assuming in you're on salt water: 

Be sure to dip the turkey overboard and get it good and "briny". 

Make sure the cavity is pretty full of water and have the friar sprinkle some sea water on the outside just before you drop it in the oil.

I'd recommend you use that new main halyard you just had spliced up.  Just run it through the bird and shackle it to its self in a loop.

Fried kelp stuffing should be tasty