Diagnosing diesel no-stop

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I have a Volvo TMD 22 that recently stopped stopping. The key stop no longer works, I have to use the lever on the injection pump. I was wondering if when the electric engine switch was moved to the "stop" position, should the stop solenoid make a discernable 'click', noise or other signal? Obviously this would be tested without the engine running.

In practical terms, this would be an easier first step than getting to the wiring behind the start/stop switch. 


Where to check the electrics on the solenoid.


PS - If the solenoid is dead... Is the Volvo TMD22 solenoid in use on other engines?

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Not only should it make a slight sound - but you should easily see the solenoid thingy move.

You could use a little jumper lead and just try to get the solenoid to move if power is applied directly. Steal power from the starter cable connection. If the solenoid is grounded to the body of the engine you might just need a positive wire.

This will tell you if the solenoid is dead or if you have a wiring issue.  Check for corrosion etc. on the solenoid connection for the remote wiring.

Next - I'd suspect the key switch itself. You should be able to test for continuity at the terminals when the key is switched to various positions.


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