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Would be interesting to know about Banks modification, on the Plastrend Carter 36. The production boat was primarily designed for the lighter air condition prevailing in the US in the Summer. With a tricked down I.O.R hull, dropping 2500Lbs, from the previous One Ton winner Ydra, while keeping the same sail area. Perhaps too much sail for the 1974 O-T world series and in general dealing with the English weather. So, I presume he reduced the sail plan to get a better rating.

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I did not get any precise info on how they dropped-down the rating, nor did I get info on their '75 rating figures (and I must say BB was so impressive that daring to ask, felt too big a task :) ) I was then thinking -as you do - about sail area but did not know whether at O-T rating she took any "J" penalty or just had a larger "on deck" J
I had noted that the Carter 36s had the largest JC of the fleet.

In any case at the O-T worlds her figures were published as:
L.o.a: 36.0 Dwl: 28.3 B: 11.6 Draft: 6.2 Dspl: 14,000
Ballast: 6,500 I: 47,5 JC: 16.7 E: 11.3

I guess I should look in the '75 reports and find whether there are any details on the mods ...

Ps: I might be a bit biased as (rightly ? or not) I always felt J penalties did not bring the extra-speed (upwind) the rating increase reflected ... sometimes to the contrary.

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Lookin at this picture, looks like thumblehome was rather like smooth bumps for IOR rating?
The ways Beam is measured under I.O.R rules.



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