Did Mr Trump buy himself a Manhattan DA?

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Where are the loyal defenders of the defeated ex-President?

They all seem to have developed a case of the "silents".


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Weeks ago TFG told us that it's a minor fringe benefits case, everyone cheats on fringe benefits, nothing like this has ever been tried, if anything it should have been civil, lots of prosecutors quit because of how unfairly he's been treated, and the AG is a super-terrible black woman. Safe to say he's got the rationalizations covered.

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Coming soon:

Witch hunt
Greatest witch hunt in history
I had nothing to do with it
It just shows you I'm smart
I had nothing to do with it, but if I did, it just shows you I'm smart
Weisselman...I hardly know him
Wouldn't know him on the street.


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Trump can collect a $1,600,000 fine in a few days grifting off the stupid and angry people dying to send him their last dollar. If THAT is all that happens this was a big waste of time. I hope there is more.
Nope. It's a $1.6m fine and Alan the Weasel pled a 15 year max sentence down to 5 months.

Thank god Alan didn't try to sell a gram of meth. That would be real trouble.


There will be!
The conviction opens the door for tax fraud investigations by Alvin Bragg. Although the IRS could get involved, AG Tish James is aiming for oversight of the Trump empire, which, if she succeeds, could dismantle the Trump Org.


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Donald J, Trump(R) Criminal
Criminal in business and illegal in government, the Republican party is no longer the party of Law and Order; it is the party of crime.

Tom will be along shortly to say that The Duopoly is one party. What’s this? He already said that today? Well, maybe he’ll say something about guns but just about TeamD.


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From another trial a long time ago. But feels fitting once again.

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Thanks SOO much for posting this... I've practically memorized the Doonesbury Chronicles, and didn't quite remember I was quoting this exact frame this afternoon while reading an article to my son about the Trump Co jury verdict.

The foreman of the jury was getting ahead of the clerk who was reading out the charges, saying "Guilty!" before the description was completed... I said "That's Guilty, GUILTY, GUILTY!!" And started cracking up!

Once again, a big high five, and so cool you share a moniker with the hip slacker Trudeau drew as a wiseman.

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