Did the ED really flick NoStrings?


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censoring is not very liberal behaviour.
you've obviously never worked at a university.

I gotta hand it to the Ed...if there were a thread that proved, unequivocally, what a complete and utter dipshit I was capable of being, and it was in my

power to remove it, I'd yank it the foch off the site. To date, the thread still exists...so, good on ya Ed (I guess)


Foredeck Shuffle

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Okay! Here we go again! View attachment 99826

What really kills me is that normal guys like NS get tossed while others who are complete jerks get left alone.

I can think of one stalker that is allowed free reign to spew at anyone, anytime over any issue.
Bet he owns an FT or 2
And has posted in this thread?
Haven't seen him, unless he's got a puppet goin...


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