Did you know winches need to be maintained? It's true! Shocking, I know. WTB Comprehensive list of maintenance.


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Ok, as long as we’re on winch rebuilds—I have a pair of Harken self-tailing winches on my cabin top that I cannot keep functional.  I tear them down, clean all the parts off (WD-40 and paper towels) get everything shiny, lube moderately with Harken winch grease on the bearings and machine oil on the pawls.  The winches start to freeze up within two months, and when I take them apart again they are caked with salt goo. I wash the damn things down after every sail, too....

Any ideas?  I’m in Hawaii—is there a better winch grease for tropical weather? Or do I just have to strip winches down every 8 weeks?  Seems unfair, what with people above getting 50 years between overhauls on their Barients!
After sailing when salt water is washing over them hose them off with fresh water.  Take the drum off, (That is a super easy  ) and hose them off.  Does wonders to keep them running much better.



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Look into Phil Wood "Tenacious Oil" for your pawls, and other low speed lube needs, it works on our Ibis "Easy Street" tandem, with significant force on the Phil Wood Hubs.



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