Dingy question I can't figure out - is this a 2 or 4 Stroke ??


9. She admits having plastic surgery

Dellanos says that her body isn’t all the real deal. Although she was blessed with many beautiful features, she has chosen to enhance her looks by having multiple surgeries. The surgeries she admits to having include, lip fillers, breast augmentation, and a “booty enhancement” surgery, although she never made it clear if that procedure was a Brazilian butt lift, or other procedure, according to Honey Nine.



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I realize this kind of hardware confuses you dweebs. I have extensive experience with equipment like this. So leave it to El Borracho to handle. I would normally proceed by removing the remaining covers to search carefully for the carburetor. Might have to jack this one up to find it. If the carb if found near that crankcase she's a 2-stroker. Alternatively, I might skip the jacking to probe around in the that head intake port.

Has to be an older motor because the styling on new Yamaha V8's is totally different. The picture's also mirrored for some reason. That tall and boxy motor style is very mid-2010's and it doesn't look like Yamaha has built a two-stroke outboard that big for a relatively long time in the US at least.

I'm saying it's a 4 stroke motor, and the barbie doll is probably 2 stroke.


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