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An absolutely wonderful idea and great minds must think alike as I have already offered a full ride for Davey courtesy of SAYC and the community. Dawg does a lot here and it is a great way to thank him and do some good.
I'll pay my own way and crew for ya. F 'em.




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As someone who has been involved with disabled sailing for a while now I just thought I'd share a couple of points.......

1. They are human beings and therefore are open for piss taking

2. They do drink beer

This guy needs to get his head out of his arse, when on the regattas with the disabled crowd I have been amazed by the ability, professionalism and happiness of the groups. The one thing these guys don't want is "special treatment", they like to be treated as if their disability doesn't exist and that is how we have done it.

Some of the piss taking is relentless and I have seen some of the funniest moments of my sailing career from these guys, including playing Cricket (British derivative of Baseball!) in the reception of the Hilton Hotel in St Pete using a prosthetic leg as a bat and a plastic orange as a ball (both were volneteered by the owner!) funniest thing I'd seen in years!

Frankly one of the main issues in disabled sailing is the reaction of the able bodied people around them, they wrap them up in cotton wool so they don't get hurt.......most of them don't need it, they love the rough stuff. They think that they are speaking for them but they have no idea what is actually going on.

I agree with Dawg, the disabled regattas are not well covered by the press and it's people like SA who help these guys get the recognition they deserve. And yes, they do enjoy a beer when they are off duty. :lol:

I thought the article was funny and definitely in context to the content you'd expect from SA. I had no idea Dawg was a wheelie, now I know, & I think that the article is hilarious and all the gumpf about sponsors taking offence is crud. For Robbie to be honoured with a regatta named after him, I assume his contributions to the world of disabled sailing are significant, and I think thats fantastic - without a dedicated few, no sport thrives. But shit mate, research first then flame. Keep your words soft and malleable coz you may have to eat them.

Old, young, black, white, blue, Able, disabled, martian, the more bodies in boats is the objective here. I'd never have heard about the regatta had it not been for the front page article, and but for the funny image conjoured by the article I probably would have paid it scant attention. Would the sponsor be pissed off? Well, tell you what, the next carton I buy I'll make sure its one of theirs - just because they sponsored an event in hard times for everyone. I wouldn't be doing that but for Dawg's article and SA's gumption to put it on the front page.

Both Sa and Dawg have copped the flack and stood there ground, welldone. I dont always agree with you lot, but I keep reading and keep being engaged.

To all the competitors in the regatta, fair winds and sail hard. Then I hope that you liberally imbibe of your sponsors product and thoroughly enjoy the whole deal.

Thanks for your insights, Dawg ... if nothing else, it's keeping this Regatta at the top of the page today, and that is good news.
To explain what I believe you already understand >> It's the perception.

Each of us read it, knew it was tongue-in-cheek, but the perceived link of Heineken and drunkenness is what stays lodged in our mind with a title-line like that. I'd suggest a visit to http://www.enjoyheinekenresponsibly.com to remind us that Heineken promotes responsibility in consumption.

But yes, they want us to buy their beer, and Larry wants us to buy his Databases, and everyone wants us to buy THEIR product. That's why Sponsors put their name out there - no surprise.

I do believe if the drunken comment had been made in response to an able-bodied event the response would have been similar. Everyone wants to focus on the Event, and its positive influences.

PC be damned. It's a bit of respect that we (OK, I'll say "I" so as not to presume to speak for others) think the sponsor is due since it's their cheque-book being pulled out.

I get your humour. I do. As has been stated, I hope the Sponsor does, too, should they see it. It would be a shame to have the inaugural year be the final year due to a "joke" gone wrong. That sounds melodramatic, but sponsorship being as hard to come by as it is .... <sigh> We (ok, I) might tend to be a bit over-protective.

Keep fighting - you know we'll follow your sorry ass to where ever it is you try to roll away to :p

I think the sponsor knows that people, especially sailors, use and abuse their product and drink, get drunk and fall down. If everybody drinks responsibly, sales go down. They are sponsoring this, and other sailing events because they think there is a good nexus between their product and the participants, not just because they want to to help disabled sailing.

Heinecken has a wonderful sense of humor about their product. Here is a link to my favorite Heineken ad currently running over here in Holland:


Keep up the good work.



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This is not the type of publicity that disabled sailors need. They are without a doubt the finest group of sailors, indeed people, that I know. To portray them as a bunch of drunks (I never said they were a bunch of drunks) is about as low as you can go.

It also doesn't help with sponsors when you mock their product (I did not say anything bad about Heineken)

It's amazing how easily a few words can be taken wrong and feelings get brused. Thank you Dawg for getting the word out and helping the disabled community. I have had the special honor of racing with some of the top paraolympic sailors as an AB in FL for a few years and agree that they are some of the finest sailors and humans that I have known. They are also some of the best to party with! I would put my life in their hands any day, on and off the water. It's good that we have the booze sponsers, I need a good one to help take the pain away from the bruses, after some of the weather they have put me through. Get on the water and enjoy the time that we have on this screwed up world we survive on and take your brusing there. Lets hope that MADD (a great organization) doesn't get on SA or the booze sponsers are going to take a licking. Go to a disabled event if you want to see dedication to sailing and persaverance to getting the most at of life. You will not have anything to bitch about again when you have bumps in the road! <_< :rolleyes: :unsure: :angry:



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Dawg, I see nothing offensive in what you wrote. Robbie needs to lighten up a bit.

You NEED to sail in this event.



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I just got an email from the ED that Robie Pierce sent him. I will not print the whole thing but here are a few bullet items he addressed. I did send Robie a response and apologized in my own round about way.
FYI. The only part of the piece that was mine was the title and the first sentence. The rest was cut and pasted from the press release that was sent out. Who would have thought a title and sentence would stir so much shit.

  • Whoever this writer( Dawg) is should be fired from you staff.
  • What an obnoxious piece of yellow journalism
  • This crap article is an insult to me, my family and all people with disabilities who live & compete aggresively and drink in moderation (I guess I am not included in there)
  • You have enraged the disabled community with this outragious piece
  • I demand you and also Dawg issue a written apology to the event, the disabled community and myself. (Does he think I am a politician or something. You'd think I said the "N" word)

Robie, Lighten up, life it too short.

So for all you able bodied sailors out there, You think you have issues to deal with in your fleets......you have no idea what a bunch of gimps can stir up.
Good onya Dawg, never seen someone get so bent out of shape over person having a sense of humour ;)



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What is this "Front Page" that everyone is talking about?

Or for the geeks in the crowd: How could an obsolete Microsoft product offend Heineken?

Dawg, you really need to take ED up on his offer!

I'm buying Heineken for our Frozen Four party tonight because of this brew-ha-ha.

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There's a reason they named the regatta in honor of Robie; he's a really good guy who's done a ton for disabled sailing. I'll grant that he may have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed yesterday, but I suspect we've all hit the send button a little prematurely.

Dawg, buy him a beer and have a chat at the regatta and I'll bet you and he end up friends, especially given your contributions to he sport.



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Ok, so I saw the article on the front page and thought it sounded like a fun event... I'm thinking about registering too, but not sure how I feel about it. I'm an LBK amputee. I sail pretty well (for a fat guy) and rarely have problems getting around (as long as I have my leg on, I suck at hopping very far). I crew regularly on big and small boats and never feel uncomfortable or out of my depth (at least not because of my leg)... IFDS rules state that I would have to sail disabled events without my leg (as a 7)... I'm fine with that on a small boat, maybe not so much on the 33 footer I do most of my sailing on. So, I guess my issue is I don't feel handicapped enough... I'd hate to take a spot from someone that can't get in regular sailing like I can... Any advice?
Register now !!! spots are nearly filled.. Your LBK fits the bill. No hopping around, cushioned and you stay there !
Mark Bryant
Totally agree - go to the website (http://www.robiepierceonedesignregatta.com) and fill in the forms/submit your resume. There's a vetting committee and places are being filled on a first-come/first-served basis. You do qualify and it will be a great time. Having Dave Dellenbaugh there on Friday, thanks to US Sailing, is also a not-to-be-missed treat.

As for not feeling handicapped enough - that's exactly the attitude we're looking to promote.

PM me if you want more details about the boats/mods.
Forms in.


Yo G,

You have a place to crash if you need one. Just give me a call.

We can keep you in the garage so you don't have to climb any stairs.



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We are such a tight community here on SA it would likely not occur to most of us that someone in the competitive sailing community would not know that DAWG is one of the most active and vocal disabled sailors in the world. Lacking this key piece of information I can absolutely see why Robie came unglued and became in his words "enraged" by the first two sentences in the Heineken/Pierce regatta article yesterday that Dawg wrote.

I constantly marvel at athletes who have lost 100% use of their bodies yet find the courage to compete at whatever sport is their passion. Taking it a step further are those who somehow look past the disability to occasionally find humor in their situation. Dawg is one of those rare people who continue to pursue his passion and has made me and many others here more aware of disabled sailing than I ever would have been without his efforts.

Robie- Anyone who bothers to go to the regatta web page that bares your name and reviews your accomplishments can't help but be impressed by your resume. You are clearly an organized and consummate competitor who has given a tremendous amount back to the sport through your time and efforts spent on a number of projects. Disabled and non disabled sailors everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude for what you have done for our sport.

Perhaps you can now see the courage and humor Dawg put forth in his two sentences that brought you such angst without knowing all of the facts. Please take the time to reach out to him personally and I think both of your lives will be richer once you have met.

Have a great regatta guys and please keep up the great coverage of disabled sailing on the front page. I don't believe any sailing publication has done more to cover the sport in the last five years.

Go get 'em DAWG!


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Dawg,I'll buy a 12pk of Heine in honor of ya! Who said advertising doesn't work!?

Heineken should send Dawg a couple cases for the publicity and good will he's generated not only for their beer but for disabled sailing in general and this regatta in particular.

You're a stand up guy, Dawg. Keep up the good work,

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What I don't get is why are disabled sailors any different to the rest of us? If the story was about able bodied sailors getting fucked up on mount gay nothing would be said! Just because you're disabled does that mean you don't like a drink or seven... just my 2c!

Having ample free booze - isn't that at or near the top of every 'what makes a great regatta' poll taken here?

I thought the bit about already being in a chair when you pass out was great! Then again, I knew where Dawg was coming from since I had kicked in for his Paralympic campaign a while back. And I've gotten something in return - just yesterday I helped shoot down carpeting over hard floor finishes in an airport terminal we're designing because of a comment of his in these forums.


Dawg must now enter this regatta.

Dawg must provide On-The-Water coverage for SA as it occurs.



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Bayside, NY
An absolutely wonderful idea and great minds must think alike as I have already offered a full ride for Davey courtesy of SAYC and the community. Dawg does a lot here and it is a great way to thank him and do some good.
Great idea!





SA should be a sponsor and provide front page coverage!

Years ago I was a volunteer for Chicago's Independence Cup. The competitors were absolutely fantastic people who are making the most out of life.

Despite some pretty heart wrenching accounts to the causes of their disabilities, I was impressed and in awe of their very positive attitudes.

I'm an able bodied sailor of mediocre standard and applaud any sailor disabled or able bodied who loves and lives the sailing dream. What makes me feel good about our sport is the capacity for it, on the whole, to transcend the Political Correctness that pervades and poisons all of society. As a sailor I love the fact that I feel I share something of a bond with all other sailors, disabled or able bodied, good or just mediocre like me. There is something great about a sport where ability or disability means less that being linked by our common passion of sailing competition.

It saddens me that Dawg is being flamed by other disabled sailors. As a sailor, if you cannot take the obvious tongue in cheek politically incorrect banter, you'd better get off the water and start playing some other land based sport. A real sailor, disabled or able bodied, is "equal" on the water and should be "equal" in these forums. We should all be able to give it and take it without wanting retractions and apologies for opinions expressed.

Maybe Robbie is distressed by being associated with so many other able and disabled sailors who love a beer or twelve after a hard regatta. I really don't know. But long live free speech.

If we ever meet, Dawg, I'll buy you not one Heineken, but a bloody carton.

Long live political incorrectness.

Cheers !

Dr Kommo

WOW i followed this thread waiting to read a major SA online slugfest meltdown.

but i have only found a real great bunch of people !!

now i am trying to figure out how to disable myself so i can participate!!

Ok lest see eyes , well i like to paint and look at hot chicks fat chicks depends on how many beer i ahve in me. No way..

ears , I like like rock and roll. nope

arms, hmm i windsurf, nada option.

legs, i like to run.

taste buds, do they qualify??ahhh but foi gras would never taste the same.

OK i am left with my brain , seeing that there are no nerve endings in the brain this is my 1st pain free option,

however after a few minutes of thought , a self induced brain injury with resultant cerebral edema could just plain old kill me, seen it happen even with what has been a perceived minor closed head injury.

Any ideas?

I am a cancer survivor, ?? well ... that didnt even really piss me off.

to sum it up i think you folks are a ballsy bunch.

I know many people without disabilities that through inaction or just plain laziness disable themselves daily.

Kudos to you all! :D