Does your dinghy have a name?

Mozzy Sails

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A. Floater

#2 A. Floater

Wedgewood: this was a mistake on class registration, though it was box for colour (wedgewood blue)

Never got a good name for the 49er, still thinking of things for RS800...

This looks about right to me in terms of placement and size. My hull is all blue so I won't have the benefit of a painted waterline to help line it up.




Do I have to make this a guessing game? Come on and somebody tell me about this boat name. I'll think of a prize for the winner.

Sash weights?



I spelled it out early in the thread and though since this thread was Flying Dutchman related someone would have made the connection by now. 

My first FD was named the Flying Tomato BTW. 



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I name my dinghies after songs that seem to relate to the boat. My moth was Vertigo, my IC was Magic Carpet Ride, you get the gist...  ;)

Opps, forgot the Finn. Fatty Finn, not a song but well, I'm a rebel!  :lol:

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The West Aussie moth fleet have a tradition to rename boats if someone forgets to sign on or is late for a regatta. recent 'family friendly' names include "im a little teapot", "lord farquart", "fluffy pillows", and "the mobility scooter". 


Dave Clark

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Always. Even when I'm demoing UFOs out of the shop I name them. The current demo boat is named Krombopulos Michael, who people may know from Rick and Morty


My foiler is 'Crisis.'  Could be applied to either when I bought it (mid-life and all that) or my sailing technique (edge of disaster.)  My purpose on the water is to keep the on-lookers entertained.

My low-rider moth is 'Three sheets.'  Initially because she was rigged for an asym spin (main, port, stbd sheets) but it also fit well for a good evening.

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Matt D

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I used to race an I14 named blue fOOted bOObie.  The name was written in nipple font, so there were dots in the Os.

When we upgraded I14s, the new one got named bOObie tOO.  Though the Canadian fleet frequently refers to her as Implants since she's the boobie upgrade.



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Not a dinghy but my kayak is named Killer Sperm.

I was gonna name the dinghy Miss Molly till my wife said 'I miss her too.' Yeah, I know... moving along.

So Mischief it is.