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There are as many stories of Muldoon as there are days in a year, and quite a lot of insane ones come from unimpeachable sources not prone to hyperbole. Don't know the man but love the tales!



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They sure seem to have a knack for hitting stuff.
Sometimes stuff hits the boat. Like the fingers of crew.

Search the forums for the boat name and owner. Entertaining stuff
I sailed on his (previous) boat.


That was enough.
I bet you could fill RFK Stadium with the folks that sailed on that boat once ;)

I'll be sittin in my old Redskin seats in Section 523.



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Muldoon sails his boat with no pros (100% volunteers) so it can be a "foundation boat" aka tax shelter, amirite??
That's rich... I sailed on a boat whose owner, after being told by his skipper that his choice of boat to compete in and he could only have one 'pro' on board, and he had to helm and the rest of the crew had to be 'amateurs'... his comment? "Then I want the best amateurs that

money can buy!!!"
If there is a time and place for the judicial employment of professionals it has to be for racing a complex maxi sailboat.

The others are fixing toilets and electrical boxes.
Thats an honest appraisel. :p


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Theres a lot of them out there, for sure! Two summers ago i did about five deliveries across Gulf of Maine on the Tripp 50, Katrinka. At one point we were over Stellwagen Bank IIRC, and there were whales blowing all 360 degrees around us. None closer than a quarter mile, but dozens of them..


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I sailed on the previous black boat, once.....I'm not proud of it. It was an unpleasant experience, not because we didn't do we'll (we didn't), but because of the piss poor behavior of Muldoon. It was a two day event, I switched boats and sailed the next day with an appreciative skipper, and we clubbed Donnybrook.

Muldoon has a cult-like following of crew members who are always quick with kind words about their skipper, and excuses for why it wasn't their fault they didn't win.


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