Don't mess with Grandpa if he rescues you from drowning.

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74 yo man shot 29yo man after rescuing him.   And then his girlfriend pushed him back into the water, and was fished out a second time.

Why do I think there is a lot more to this story.

No word on the fate of the jetski.
truly a darwin asshole.


In Canada, this sigma template fell off his jetski and started drowning as he didnt have a life jacket on, rescued by a couple on a boat and they refused to collect his jetski, he started to beat up the rescuers so the old dude shot him in the chest in self defense.



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1 ) Strong 20 something guy fighting with his girlfriend loses control of and falls off of PWC.  What was this piece of shit under the influence of.

2 ) Gets rescued, is not grateful, makes unreasonable demand to retrieve running PWC. Gets combative with elderly couple that rescued him and GF pushes him overboard.

3 ) Gets rescued again, assaults elderly rescuer again, old man has no where to retreat.

4 ) Disparity of force is at play, the old man is not a macho keyboard warrior.

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911 call tidbits.

"We need the police right now," a woman said to an operator on a 911 call. "My husband has already had to fire at him and hit him in the head. He's attacking us. He's already brought something in the boat and now he's fighting my husband hurry."

That woman identified herself during the call to the operator as the wife of the man who fired the gun, making them the couple that attempted to help Morgan and the woman with him.

Throughout the call, the woman identified as the wife of the shooter can be heard yelling, and screaming things like "I don't know you."

Morgan can also be heard using expletives, yelling, and making statements that were unintelligible.

One woman living in a house nearby saw and heard the dispute, so she called 911.

Woman: “There’s a domestic dispute in the water behind our house on a pontoon. There’s gunshots now. Why hasn’t anyone arrived?”

Dispatcher: “Ma’am, we’ve got everybody in route. It does take time to get there, ok? Do you have any further information for us, ma’am?”

Woman: “I’m fine. It’s someone in the boat who’s not fine.”

Another man called 911 as a gunshot was being fired.

“There’s a pontoon boat right outside of our home, and there’s a domestic dispute," the man said to the operator. "There’s screaming and punching. It’s right in front of my house on the lake.”

WYFF News 4 spoke with a witness on the day of the shooting, Michael Devitt.

"A lot of swearing going on, Devitt said to WYFF News 4. "A lot of back and forth. At one point the younger gentleman, who is now departed, got thrown off the boat by the older gentleman, the good samaritan, and of course, then he pulled him right back on because he didn't want him to drown at the same time."

Devitt said from there the arguing and physical assault on the man who eventually fired the gun continued.

"The young gentleman who was the driver of the jet ski got pushed into the water after he started throwing punches at the guy who saved him in his fishing boat,” Devitt told a 911 operator during a phone call.

The wife of the man who fired the gun could be heard praying for Morgan after the shot to the chest was fired.

Woman: "My husband had to shoot him. He’s trying to choke him and knock him out the boat."

Operator: "Where was he shot?"

Woman: "In the gut. In the stomach, the chest.”

The single gunshot wound to the chest

The woman believed to be with Morgan, in which the couple went over to help, at one point could be heard grabbing the phone from the wife of the man who fired the gun, to talk with the 911 operator.

That woman told the operator that Morgan was "very drunk," when asked if he was intoxicated or under the influence of anything.

According to the incident report, Morgan's truck was later searched. Numerous types of drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and several open beer cans.


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