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Metric fuckton of chickens running wild all round the Keys. The residents of Key West are sick shitless of them, from what they tell me


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Punta Gorda
Anyone who thinks old farts can't do anything more than fart...


A group of retirees, stirred up by an online group calling themselves, "Smart Growth Punta Gorda" rallied to quash a proposed development for a 400+ apartment unit in the city's Central District. The property upon which the development would be built is known locally as "City Marketplace."

Hurricane Charley, in 2004, demolished many of the buildings on this property and it has since been vacant. Since that time, the property has been used to host boat shows, music concerts, Christmas events and Halloween parties. Much to the joy of the citizens of Punta Gorda.

Last week a band of angry old white people stormed City Hall and demanded that nothing shall ever be built on those hallowed grounds.

Property owner, Joe Boff, age 64, said "Fuck those old farts! I'll build the Tower of Babel and make them eat it!"

The developer quietly withdrew their offer to buy the property.

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The property upon which the development would be built is known locally as "City Marketplace."
It is? There was an old Publix, possibly the worst one in the state, and a laundry. I think a furniture store. Eventually a satellite bank branch appeared in the parking lot, then became a restaurant, then went away. I never thought it had or deserved a name.

Leaving that ground vacant makes as much sense as leaving a vacant marina and a mini-golf on the most valuable real estate in the county, so if history is any guide, this will only continue for a few more decades. Most of the people who now want no change haven't been here long and will be dead before change comes, but we import a new crop each year and they all want the same thing: no change.

I don't know how Starbucks managed to get a free-standing fast food restaurant with a drive through right in downtown. That's done in every other town on US 41 from Miami to Chicago or wherever that road goes. Not this town. And by "I don't know how" I mean I don't know specifically who got paid. Though I may well know him personally. Small town.