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Well at least somebody in the GOP Florida House establishment has a sense of humor...​
When Florida State Rep. Will Robinson Jr. read a list of names into the record, he didn't notice that a joker slipped in "Anita Dick" and "Holden Hiscock." He read the names without blinking. Luckily, his utterances were recorded by the Florida Channel:

So ernest

Blue Crab

Outer Banks
Ah, but lionfish are pretty good eating!

I saw a documentary about a couple of 20 something women catching lionfish and selling them to the local restaurants. They made a pretty good living.
I've eaten lionfish twice. It's a good solid white fleshed fish that tastes like chicken.

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Florida legislature legalizes concealed carry of loaded guns without a permit​

By Evan Rosen
New York Daily News

Mar 30, 2023 at 7:23 pm

Florida’s Republican-controlled state legislature passed a bill Thursday, permitting the concealed carry of loaded guns without a permit.
The bill now goes to Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has stated previously his intent to sign the decision into law.
Under the current law, Florida residents who wish to carry a concealed firearm in public must first obtain a license from the state and go through a series of background checks.
The new law would cancel these measures, allowing anyone to carry a loaded weapon as long as they have a valid ID on them at the time, or risk a $25 fine. However, those barred from carrying or buying guns under other Florida laws would still be restricted.


Sparky Femstrodinaire
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Concealed carry of loaded weapons? Florida Freedom!

Banning books and firing teachers who teach history? Florida Freedom!

See, Florida really is all about freedom.

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