Don't use "gay" in the perjorative, it makes your website


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Sheish... with all the traffic in these threads and the resulting comments, I would expect it to be raining warning points.



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Loosen up your training bras you buncha bitches.* Those prissy little outfits were gay look'n and y'all know it. The FP simply stated the obvious.

*Do I have the required number of posts to make the above statement?
How were their outfits even remotely homosexual? You realise nobody else is wearing baggy three quarter jean-shorts anymore bloke. Maybe it's time to update your wardrobe.

I'm a straight east coast sailor, and hate the uptight funny pants/blue blazer crew as much as the next beer can racer. I fully appreciate that this is supposed to be anarchy, but using "gay" in the perjorative on the front page is just plain ignorant. Clean it up, guys.
Im a gay east coast Aussie sailor and can definately tell you that there are quite a number of very good gay sailors out there, most in the halfway grey zone between being in and out to their sailing mates, a few who are totally out and a few, mostly older guys, who are in the closet totally.

It takes a lot to annoy me, and its not until recently that I would have been shitted off about the use of 'gay' in this manner, hell i even called gays gay.

Sailing people are by and large, and I mean 99% plus, supportive and dont give 2 shits about someones sexuality, its beneath most to care. Sure theres always a few tossers out there but u get the idea. I came out nearly 15 years ago, at the time running the bow on a local maxi and no one gave a shit at all I wantedsome sort of reaction I think and got 'your gay, ok...and?'

Just my 2 penny's worth, now all go fuck yourselves:)


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