Doolittle (or why can't the para's compete?)

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Well EAT MY WORDS. Direct from the US Sailing email I just received:

Selection Procedures Announced for Para Classes at 2023 Sailing World Championships

US Sailing is excited to announce selection procedures for Para Classes at the 2023 Sailing World Championships. In addition to the Olympic classes, the 2023 Sailing World Championship will also hold events in four Para Sailing classes for the first time ever.
Well, frost my ass, I'm a member of USS, but I doubt I will rejoin. As a former member of the US Disabled Sailing Team, I have not received anything from USS about anything other than "Give us Money". You'd think they would be reaching out to everyone i the US who has ever sailed in the Disabled/Para events across the USA.

This USA, a Republic made of smaller states (small countries really), is too big for an East Coast centric organization to administer.