Dragon layout - latest tips & tricks


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Hi all,

this spring, i bought an older, but still good dragon (a Borresen and named her Bloody Mary, as she is ferrari red) to start racing with the local fleet After this first season, it is clear things have to change in the boat lay out. Either because it was too old and need fixing, or because it is in an not logical location in the boat.

Since i have a relatively clean boat to work with, i was wondering what the latest lay out tricks are system wise. If you have pictures, schematics and size of parts (e.g. harken 28mm block), that would be great.

This year i am looking at the layout and working systems. next year i am moving in the "nice to have" regions (switching to dyneema backstays, etc)

I am especially looking at the under deck systems for genoa systems, ( sheet coarse/fine, genoa barber). main sheet updates (coarse, fine). and runners (coarse, fine).

I have looked at and inside numerous dragons in the past year and they all have different ideas of what works.

Thanks in advance for any advice!