Drilling Rubber


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Drum sander, yes, but not Dremmel. larger, preferably slow and in a drill press. A handy set to have, anyway. The last time I used them was for custom rudder bearings.

Or any of the excellent suggestions about changing the liner.



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To freeze stuff use a spray can of compressed air from the hardware store….turn it upside down when you spray and the propellant will spray out and super cool your component
be careful with your fingers

this is the same technique you use when dropping a metal stock rudder that is stuck because the bearing has swollen , gripping the rudder stock

obviously you only chill the stock

They put an "anti-huffing" agent in a lot of those cans now. If you spray it extensively you may notice a faint bitter taste from the odd aerosolized particles that happen to find their way inside your mouth. It is pretty irritating.


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OK, I'm an idiot!!!

I carefully clamped the entire thing a a drill press vise and started drilling with a Forstner bit. It was gong very well, but about half way through, the rubber sleeve began to push through the piece I was drilling.

Turns out there was a 1" ID sleeve outside the 3/4" ID sleeve.
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I hate when that happens!
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Cut one out of a 1/8" thick sheet of rubber. Wrap it around the railing.
Seekers suggestion is more appropriate. What you’re going to install will have limited longevity. (The plastic and rubber will deteriorate in the sun). So might as well make life easier for yourself. A strip of rubber or self amalgamating tape or whatever. Hopefully it’s not too heavy what your putting on. I note a lot of cruisers will mount outboard motors on their pulpit. Some seem to last ok. A few get stolen. Just need to ensure your pulpit is fit for purpose. Or you can follow El Borracho’s suggestion…


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OK… it is late and I was scrolling through the titles looking for an interesting thread….. I just learned a lot in the thread about splicing the Blue Marlowe line, which is timely becsuse I need to put an eye splice on some of their blue marble polyester line

Anyway… this thread is titled “drilling rubber.”

Around here we call those condoms