Droid X2 Chart Apps?


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So I just got a new Droid X2 and am on the Verizon network.

I was wondering what the best Chart App is?

The Navionics one seems good but I don't want to drop the coin until I can get some feedback from fellow anarchists.

Suggestions on free weather apps would be nice as well. Remember I am on The Great Lakes now, so I don't need high end tide information.




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The Navionics app is worth the money since it was only 10 euro when I bought it (it was like $14.20 or something like that in 'merican). I use it primarily for the tide & current info tho, and for off-boat gross route planning, like how many miles from here to there, etc. I have a chartplotter at the helm and never used the Navionics app to navigate the boat for real in the year I've owned it tho. So if you dont need tide & current info (it's essential in Buzzards Bay) and have a chart plotter it may not that useful to you. That said, I just did the MH-Halifax race and the navigator had one of the Droid tablets, the Navionics app on that was awesome.

The other app I use every day is 'Marine Weather by Bluefin'. It takes the NOAA weather forecast and formats it as text and has a nice user interface. I rarely use the VHF weather channel anymore as I find reading it to be easier and its formatted way better than the NOAA site.

I also had the EarthNC beta on my phone, but found it slow and clunky. When I dropped my Droid overboard I didn't re-install this app, as the Navionics app was way better.



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+1 for Navionics, but a decent, free app is Nuticharts. It's the lite version of ActiveCaptain.com.

Pros: It's free. Uses NOAA charts, gives a position dot, and puts up "tags" for every friggin' marina and navigation aid in your body of water. You touch the "tag" and all the relevant info comes up, like phone number, VHF channel monitored, user reviews of the facility, and services provided. You can just touch the tag and the phone will dial the marina or whatever.

Cons: Does not track plot. The position dot must be updated manually, does not automatically move as you move.


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I like Navionics too...I have an old 600 mhz processor in my Android phone and it still runs OK. I am a cheap bastard and I think I have 3 apps I've paid for..this one is worth the 10 euros. I still like the big 14" laptop display when I am cruising, but this is a GREAT backup & worked quite well in the Naptown to Oxford race last year when I was the naviguesser on an old boat with no chartplotter.

I haven't tried any of the free ones..Another good one a friend turned me on to is GPS Essentials..I have not tried it yet, and suspect it is designed mostly for land, but it does use Google Maps & also has nautical miles, & magnetic compass settings too.

Ajax, I'll have to try NautiCharts..thanks for the tip!

For weather apps, I like RadarNow (simple Radar program...quick & lite) and although I hate it on my PC, WeatherBug's Droid app is pretty good.

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The Navionics app seems to be the best out there, but it has its limitations. The biggest problem is that there is no way to edit a route. You can add a waypoint to the end, but you can't change the position of any waypoints in the middle. There also is no way to get bearing and distance to the next waypoint.

In short, it's useful in a "where am I?" sense, but it's no substitute for a chartplotter or PC.



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I bought a Garmin/Asus Garminfone (Droid) thinking "great, there will be some Garmin nav apps". No such luck. The phone didn't sell well so they stopped developing stuff for it. To top it off when I researched adding the Navionics app I called both Garmin and Navionics. It turns out Navionics won't run on my phone. I was told it was because Garmin and Navionics were competitors. Drat!



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I like Navionics on the iPhone, especially for the price, but I resent the fact that it will give range and bearing to a waypoint, but not VMG. Like, how much work would that require?. It does, however, record tracks.


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